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University of Regina
Logo of the University of Regina
currency As One Who Serve
Foundation, endowment 1911
Kind university (A university is a college whose aim is to…) Publicity
language regime English
budget (A budget is a preliminary accounting document that distinguishes income and expenses.) $25.9 million
town, village (A city is an urban entity (a “human settlement” for…) Regina, Saskatchewan
country (Land comes from the Latin pagus denoting a territorial and tribal subdivision of extent…) Canada
president dr Jim Tompkins
Chancellor Arthur Wakabayashi
key figures
students 12,500
Side? site Internet (The Internet is the global computer network that provides services to the public…)

L’University of Regina (University of Regina) is located in Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada). It is currently attended by 12,500 students time (Time is a concept developed by humans to represent the…) Full or part time partially (The partial word can be used as:).


In direct response to Saskatoon’s nomination in place of Regina to host the University of Saskatchewan, theChurch (The church can be:) Methodist of Canada established the University of Regina at the college in 1911 avenue (An avenue is a large urban street. It is basically planted with trees and leads to a…), with 27 students. It was adjacent to the Qu’Appelle Diocesan School of St. Chad, also on College Avenue.

In 1934, the United Church of Canada, successor to the Methodist Church, was in financial distress due to the Great Depression. In addition, the pressing recommendations of Egerton Ryerson who advocate for free and universal public education rendered (Rendering is a computer process that calculates the 2D image (equivalent to a photograph)…) its status is very close to abnormal private infrastructure. Hence it is grafted to the University of Saskatchewan, training (In intonation, fundamental frequency changes are perceived as variations of….) the campus (A campus (from the Latin word for a field) denotes the space that brings the… together.) by Regina of the University of Saskatchewan, but retained his Methodist motto ” as one who serves “.

With the transfer of management to the University of Saskatchewan, the range of courses was slightly expanded. Development accelerated in 1961 when full degree rights were granted to the campus.

The arts and science programs evolved with the growth of the Regina campus, first convened in 1965. Construction of the new campus began in 1966 southwest (The southwest is the direction midway between the southern and western cardinal points. The…) of the old, whose buildings are still used: the old residence (The name of the residence is given to a series of tracks, often forming a loop with the ….) for girls is now employed by the Regina Conservatory of Music; The normal school is now the Canada-Saskatchewan Soundstage. The original design of the Regina campus (like the Wascana Center itself) and its original buildings in a strictly modernist style was entrusted Minoru Yamasaki (Minoru Yamasaki (December 1, 1912 – February 6, 1986) was an American architect, born in…)I’architect (The architect is the construction professional whose function is to design and direct…) out World Trade Center ().

Like other universities in the late 1960s, the University of Saskatchewan’s Regina campus benefited from a significant outflow of scholars from American universities during United States participation in the Vietnam War, when Doctors of Philosophy education could not yet meet demand in Canada . It was named by a Royal Canadian Mounted Police commissioner as one of the three most radical campuses in Canada, along with Simon Fraser University in Burnaby and Sir George Williams University (now part of Concordia University).

Riddell Building, new campus of the University of Regina

Riddell Building, new campus ofUniversity of Regina

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