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18th Evreux Worldwide Instructional Movie Pageant: grown up, vaccinated and absolutely engaged

The International Educational Film Festival celebrates its 18th birthday from November 28 to December 3, 2022 at the Pathé d’Évreux. On the agenda: youth, of course, but also the environment, climate change and migration.

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A real panorama

In five days from November 29th, no fewer than 91 films will punctuate the next International Educational Film Festival at the Pathé d’Évreux. This 2022 edition maintains its values: topics that are often topical (environment, migration, parenthood), a large part naturally dedicated to education and “beautiful stories”like Christian Gautellier, the president of the festival that is organized “To see all the films or to be able to almost talk about them. We’re staying on a very international program, with films from Canada, Japan, from all over Europe, including Russia.. The public will be entitled to it “Positive stories, with fairly successful struggles, people overcoming the problems, films that don’t stop at the admission of failure”. in summary, “a festival that gives momentum with values ​​of solidarity and commitment”according to Christian Gautellier.

A godmother

The International Educational Film Festival will have both a closing ceremony and a guest of honor this year. On December 3rd, Romane Guéret, a young director who has already won two awards at the Cannes Film Festival (2016 and 2022), is expected at Pathé to speak about, among other things worst. This feature film, which won awards on the Croisette in the Uncertain Respect competition and at the last Francophone Film Festival in Angoulême, will be released on Wednesday 7 December. A nice preview thanks to the Ebroïcien Festival. The screening at 6 p.m. will be preceded by the award ceremony and a discussion with the director. As with the rest of the festival, to join the party there is only one condition: get your free pass at the festival site.

an expert

Among the announced conferences, Christian Gautelier highlights one in particular. It will deal with climate problems and their variations “Understanding education, deciding and acting”. As the COP 27 in Egypt drew to a close, the issue will be discussed with François Gemenne, political scientist from Liège, member of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and specialist in environmental migration. See you Wednesday 30th between 9am and 11am.

An extension

It’s a converted essay. The festival had tested the availability of certain films on its website for the 2021 edition. This year the principle is renewed, with around twenty short and medium-length films available online until mid-December.

A piece of history

small child is a piece of film heritage unearthed on Tuesday 30 November at 4pm. This Dutch film has a special story. It was to be screened at the very first Cannes Film Festival in 1939. A festival that never took place due to the declaration of war. German director of small childDetlev Sierk, went to the United States, where he became a recognized director under the name of Douglas Sirk.

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