1996: College of the Underground

The very great saga of Radio Nova, narrated by those who lived and surrounded it in the air or in the savannah.

Oh la la la! Ready or Not ? In 1996, interviewed by Bashir N’Diaye and Laurent Bachet, the Fugees eloped on Nova for a freestyle crossed with Creole just before their first French concert, we learn of the existence of the sheep Dolly, the world’s first ever cloned mammal, while an army of young and handsome muscular boys who are almost identical invade the country. It is the musically less brilliant fashion of boy bandsto which we much prefer Bad guys from Marseille celebrated by Akhenaten and the Fonky family, on good terms microphone addicts. Mars attacks!, cool. When you get up, lay it down all the way, good sound in your ears. For example: the reports of Bintou Simporé and Jean-François Bizot in New Orleans, the news of David Blot in his blot job, the bent prodigy electronic punk, the soundtrack. from train spottingand some enduring discoveries: the melodies simple and funky by Alliance Ethnik, whose first models we played, or the therapeutic recipes of a former official of the AMER ministry, Doc Gynéco, 22 years old, who will take you with him nirvana for him First consultation – sold a million copies. In the cinema, Nice green by Coline Serreau sends an alien utopia to warn us of the climate threat while 2-Pac passes the gun left under the bullets of a reckoning.

Life is short, the joys of happiness great / Death strikes the murdered bird in the sky. It is with great sadness that we lose, we, one of our entertainers: the rapper East, who died at the age of 27 in a scooter accident on the way to the radio. Shortly afterwards we hear him declaiming at the beginning of the piece hell on The school of micro money from IAM: ” It’s clear the future doesn’t bode well for us / Living from day to day is the same for us anyway / We’re always on time, can’t wait for the third round / East and Cut [Killer] directly from the original underground. »

The University of the Underground “: The formula is clever and we have journalist and director David Brun-Lambert to thank for talking about Nova. Who tells next to the backstage of our always famous Nova mixthis often penniless microphone school, not far away Burn out (when that word meant nothing to anyone), that row of learned brats, or, as Eels sings, of beautiful freaks. The Tamagotchis are sitting in the kids’ pockets and, scandal: the advertising is stuck to our antenna. Cédric Klapisch shoots a scene Everyone is looking for their cat On the train station roof, Aure Atika becomes the face of a TV version of our mixed mind at Paris premiere. In 1996 our radio is 15 years old and is an oasis for those thirsty for rare music: champagne, super nova.

Production, Mixing: Guillaume Girault.

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