a feminist collective on the origin of the motion?

Savoie Mont-Blanc University announces it is filing a complaint after sexist and offensive tags were discovered on the walls of its Jacob-Bellecombette campus on Monday. A feminist collective appears to be taking action to denounce harassment on social media.

Sexist tags were discovered Monday November 14 on the walls of the Savoie Mont-Blanc University on its Jacob-Bellecombette campus near Chambéry. At least “About ten” Insulting messages and calls for rape were spray-painted in red letters on faculty buildings. “If I understand you, you cannot say that you did not consent (see), “Don’t be surprised, you’re looking for the tail (see)we could read on these inscriptions, which have since been erased.

The university’s president, Philippe Galez, announced on Tuesday that he would file a complaint against tags “offensive and dirty”. “The most important thing was to cover it up and delete it as soon as possible.”he explains.

Philippe Galez also sent a message to students on campus asking them to notify the university in such situations. “As soon as possible so that we can take the necessary measures.” The university has applied for a grant from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region to install video surveillance cameras “in places that are frequented in the evening”.

An investigation will be conducted to identify the perpetrator(s) of this action. But a feminist collective seems to be claiming these tags on social media. An Instagram account dubbed “Spit of Whores,” created just Tuesday, posted photos of these inscriptions, which repeat word for word sexist messages that would emanate from social networks.

“Do you find it violent? Do you find it unacceptable if it’s on a real wall in real life? But it’s our daily life on social media.”writes the collective in a message posted on Instagram. The account administrator contacted by France 3 Alpes had not responded to our inquiries at the time this article was published.

The anti-capitalist student collective Le Poing Levé initially denounced tags on social networks “unbearable and repulsive”. We have just discovered that the tags presented on campus yesterday were made with the aim of denouncing online sexual harassment of women.”he writesYears ago posted a rectification on Twitter at the end of the day. say to himself doubt the method used, which has caused much fear and confusion on campus”shared by the members of the collective “the will to denounce this violence.”

“Threats of this magnitude are deeply shocking”, responded Sophie Bourgade, Deputy Mayor of Chambéry, responsible for the fight against discrimination. The elected representative told herself to await the results of the investigation “unconvinced” in this way, when the action came from a feminist collective, “although it speaks to the cause.”

“I call on all citizens to demonstrate for the day to end violence against women [le 25 novembre, NDLR]to believe the word of the female sacrifices. Only together will we fight this battle.”adds Sophie Bourgade.

Feminist action or targeted harassment? The investigation must determine the motives of the authors. This action follows a series Damage observed in the past few weeks on community or association buildings in the Chambéry area.

On November 7, conspiratorial and anti-Semitic inscriptions were discovered on the facades of two schools. The city and the National Education System filed a complaint. On October 16, more homophobic inscriptions and a swastika were discovered on the facade of the clubhouse.

To update at 17:40 with the correction of the student collective Le Poing Levé.

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