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By definition, the sports federation is a group of diverse amateur athletes practicing any discipline or whose members are linked by a common characteristic with the aim of promoting their sport and participating in various competitions. These federations can offer their athletes various services to practice their sport more easily, such as awarding scholarships. This is the example of the Sports Association of Abdou Moumouni University / AS.UAM, where sports activities are practiced including football, basketball, volleyball, handball, athletics, rugby, karate, kung fu, etc.

General Delegate of Sports Affairs Commission of Union of Students of Abdou Moumouni University of Niamey, DG-CAS/UENUN and former player of UAM team Mr. Alio Zakari states that AS .UAM was founded in 2011-2012 , on Request of the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture at the time, who asked all public universities to organize themselves into federations in order to be able to organize FENISU (Nigerian Federation of University Sports and Grandes Ecoles).

It should be noted that before the association was founded, AS UAM was only a football team of a school institution. According to the archives, in 1987 a tournament called the “Tournament of the Great Schools” was initiated. “This year AS UAM made its historic entry by winning all competitions in different categories in all disciplines. This inspired the former Minister of Youth, Mr. Abdourahamane Seydou, to the idea of ​​the project that the university should be the kindergarten of all national teams. But unfortunately this initiative was blocked by the texts,” explained Mr. Alio Zakari

In his opinion, sport and study go hand in hand, not only because of their therapeutic effects, but also because of their entertainment. There is no academic institution in the world where you will not find different areas for the practice of sports activities. So I can say that the university team was created with the sense of providing the students with a support that we can count on to find a balance,” said Mr. Alio Zakari.

Regarding the management, Mr. Alio Zakari said that the role of the Sport Federation is to oversee the practice of sport in its respective area, the management of which is under the supervision of the Rectorate of the Abdou Moumouni University of Niamey, in collaboration with the sport of the Regional Center for University Works (CROU) and the Commission for Sports Affairs (CAS/UENUN).

For example, for the football team, the General Delegate of the Sports Affairs Commission (CAS) explains the selection process. “Generally the team relies on the players they already have in their possession; but continues from time to time with a selection of new talented players, especially during major championships, namely the “Tournament of Martyrs”. In fact, as part of the commemoration of our martyrs, this tournament is organized precisely in February; in which all faculties of the UAM participate, including the ENS (Ecole Normale Supérieure); EMIG, UNJS and some private institutes,” he explained.

Mr. Alio Zakari recalled that initially the team was reserved only for students enrolled at the university, but when it was created as an association it was open to everyone. This allowed the team to climb the ladder and win major championships. The club AS.UAM currently plays in the first division of the national league. From its inception to date, we have competed in all championships and won the D2 regional championship in 2021.

Moumouni Idrissa Abdoul Aziz (intern)

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