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A good, a kitten and a stroll in reminiscence of Vanesa

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In front of a forest of microphones and cameras in the premises of La Mouette, Annie Gourgue and Dante Rinaudo spoke yesterday about “the dynamic of solidarity carried by a whole community towards Vanesa’s family and her memory”.

“Support for grieving parents who are in complete confusion,” said the mayor of Tonneins, touched.

A symbolic Mass will be celebrated this Friday, November 25 at 5:30 p.m. in the Church of Notre-Dame de Tonneins. A wish of Vanesa’s parents, for which they do not have the strength to fulfill at the moment. Then, at 6:30 p.m., on the initiative of the mayor and La Mouette, a white march with an impeccable identification badge, a piece of clothing or a flower, leaves the town hall to silently join the college.

Dante Rinaudo also mentioned the Leetchi kitty “Vanessa Tonnein’s support for her last trip” posted online by Céline Bergey, head of the BMX section of the Tonneins cycling club where Vanesa’s brother is a pilot. “The sum collected down to the last cent will benefit the family,” emphasized the mayor. The parents expressed the wish that the Andalusian country would be the final resting place for their daughter. Tonneins’ first judge has been in contact with the Spanish consulate and will also contact the mayor of the affected village in the Granada region so that the remains of the teenager can be repatriated following the autopsy.

A groggy commune

His city is stunned, as if dazed: “Many people came to the psychiatric ward, and the children also had to share their suffering with the specialist teams, the teaching staff. Everyone is very scarred by this horrible affair.” “.

He spoke of the prevailing feeling of fear: “We see such a drama on television, not at home. Unfortunately, life goes on and we must not fall into psychosis. We are doing everything we can to protect it, and then there is the video surveillance, thanks to which we were able to identify this hideous character, a police presence around the schools that will be even more vigilant”.

This tragic event brought back bad memories for the president of La Mouette, who was summoned to the Tonneins gendarmerie in the middle of the night with Christine Bonfanti-Dossat: “when the parents wanted to know that their daughter had been found but lifeless. In a case so serious, we cannot allow parents to receive this terrible information and let them go with this immense emptiness. It is our job to bring that help to the victims and be at their bedside. We used simple words : “We cannot bear your pain, but share it. We are with you, we will support you. It was then the mayor who picked up the parents when they left the hospital, who took care of the children and she was led there by a psychological unit. It was he again who took care of bringing the food to this family”.

Annie Gourgue also praised the human qualities, empathy and delicacy of Colonel Houzé, who knew how to find the words and saved the parents from hearing the very harsh and violent legal ramifications before reading them in haste.

The president of La Mouette was due to return to Vanesa’s parents yesterday afternoon, accompanied by Marmandaise lawyer Me Christine Roul, who has a side office in Tonneins and speaks Spanish. If the family agrees, they can represent them as a civil party.

The family fled Colombia to Spain, arriving in Lot-et-Garonne a year ago to find work in agriculture. Simple and very courageous people, whose children attend sports clubs and music school.

3. indelible stain

“For us, after Magali and Marion, this horrific file is the third indelible mark on this department. Pedophiles are not only found in Marseille or Paris. We are fortunate that my vice president, with whom I have formed a tandem for 40 years, I asked her to ask the government a question on Wednesday, why not generalize the use of cameras around schools, because without them we would be in in this case standing on the street with posters of little Vanesa.

For the President: “It’s a fiasco! How did this young girl approach the car? (Editor’s note. In reality, she was forcibly removed from Rue Gambetta around 1 p.m.). No, you don’t go up! There is one Number of examples where minors have been trapped. I asked Christine to speak to the Minister of National Education”.

Annie Gourgue isn’t mad about the relapse and the unsystematic handling of the genetic file: “How we didn’t care anymore about this sad character, even though he was convicted as a minor. Sunday was World Human Rights Day. The child, but the human being.” Human rights lobbyists have questioned this genetic file. Isn’t the right to life of these children more important?!”.

“As mayor, but above all as a person, I support and accompany the family,” concluded the Tonneins City Council. A relationship of trust has developed with this family, wounded in the flesh, who receive many calls and people ring at their door. Between media pressure and popular passion.

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