A university diploma to help migrants on the Franco-British border

The Migrant Support Platform and the University of Lille will create a diploma to train students in mediation and language interpreting. The goal: to improve the dialogue between exiles and those who help them.

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This diploma was born from an observation: the Lack of qualifications of mediator-interpreters at the Franco-British border, where exiles who want to cross the channel to get to England are stranded. This conclusion follows a diagnosis by the Support Platform for Migrants (PSM), which brings together 28 associations active with the 2,000 exiles on the coast (particularly in Grande-Synthe and Calais), but also to a parliamentary report from late 2021. ” There are only a few training courses for these special professions at the border. Conceived in collaboration with associations, this diploma trains intercultural and linguistic mediators capable of intervening in associations. “, says Émilie Da Lage, education manager of the university diploma.

Intercultural mediator

The training, supported by the Fondation de France as part of crowdfunding (read somewhere else) and approved by the University of Lille, alternate between January and September lesson time (150 hours) and Internships in associations. Topics such as the different migration routes, the border and its specifics, care and mental health, the law, the role and projects of a mediator-interpreter (…) will be discussed on the program. ” There is a lack of access rights for transit travelers at the border. A relationship of trust should also be established with them “, the professor of information and communication sciences continues.

“A more dignified reception”

Twenty candidates especially exiles who are already performing this function on a voluntary basis, have applied and will be accepted at the end of November. To apply, you must speak one or two languages ​​of contemporary migration (Tigrigna, Farsi, Sudanese Arabic, Sorani, etc.), have a level of French (B2) that allows you to report information to associations, lived an administrative asylum have process that is a source of competence or experience in volunteering at the border. Eight places are financed by the Fondation de France and five more by the employer or from own funds.In the long term, it is a matter of working towards a more dignified and respectful reception of the people stranded on the Franco-British border, giving them more space by considering them as active subjects in their own right, and through and therefore giving each other the opportunity to exchange and to act on that basis says Clara Houin, PSM coordinator.

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