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The benefit evening to mark the 20th anniversary of Éducaide, an organization dedicated to combating early school leaving, was held on November 1st at the Capitole de Québec under the honorary presidency of Stephane Garneau, President of Micro Logic, raised $91,000 which will enable Éducaide to convince hundreds of high school students that they have potential and that we truly believe in their success. Since Jean Marchand and his co-founders Isabelle Grenier and Gaston Roy founded Éducaide, nearly 2,000 young people across Quebec have benefited from Éducaide’s support throughout their schooling, representing a more than $3 million investment in the community. In the photo the actor Marc Messier (in the middle), who presented his show “Selone en scène”, is surrounded from left to right:Isabelle GrenierBoard Member of Éducaide and President and CEO of Kaleido; Danielle BoucherChairman of the Board of Éducaide; Melanie KerackCEO of Educid and Stephane GarneauHonorary President of the evening.

50 years of architecture

The architect Marc Letellier (photo) from Quebec celebrated his 50th career last October. That’s why he started his career as an architect in 1972. Six years later he joined Claude Guy and Michel Gagnon to found Gagnon, Guy, Letellier architectes, which later became GLCRM Architects with offices in Quebec, Lévis and Rimouski. Marc Letellier has directed the design of many major projects that have shaped the landscape of Quebec, Canada and Europe. Over the past 5 decades it has made a significant contribution to Quebec’s contemporary built heritage. Just think of the Lévis river station, the reception pavilion of the National Assembly of Quebec, Jean-Lesage International Airport. Marc Letellier has also been involved in various organizations. Marc Letellier is still active today and continues to offer his experience and know-how to major clients across the country.

A new thrift store

The non-profit organization “Our things have a second life”, based at 3065, 2nd Avenue in Limoilou, behind the church of St-Albert-Le-Grand, until recently exclusively offered almost 20,000 used items for sale online, including: furniture, Children’s clothing, crockery, jewellery, jewellery, bedding, electrical and electronic equipment, tools, CDs, DVDs, vinyl records, books and much more. The organization just opened a thrift store that sells clothing for women, men and children directly in store (winter coats range from $10 to $40). The thrift store is open Thursdays and Saturdays. Information:

In remembrance

The International Day for Tolerance is an annual commemoration day established by UNESCO in 1995 to raise public awareness of the dangers of intolerance. It is celebrated on November 16th every year.


Andre Trudel (Photo), President Automod de Québec, 65 years old…Oksana Baiul, Figure skater and world champion 1993, 45 years old…lisa bonnet, American Actress (High-Fidelity) 55 years old…Diana Krall, Canadian jazz singer and pianist, 58 years old…Pierre LaroucheNHL hockey player (1974-1988, with the Penguins, Canadiens (1977-1981), Whalers, Rangers), 67…Carmen SilvesterActress from Quebec, 75 years old…Jean Pierre Kohlierformer animator from Quebec, 85 years old.


11/16/2020: Francois John (in the middle of the photo), 60 years old, the ex-drummer of the defunct Quebec group Les BB… 2019: Fred Mella95 years old, French tenor and last member of the Compagnons de la Chanson… 2018: Randy Tieman64, veteran sports reporter and member of the CTV family in Montreal… 2015: Bert Olmstead89, former forward for the Montreal Canadiens from 1950 to 1958 and for Chicago and Toronto… 2015: Nelly Gast Boulinguez87, businesswoman from Quebec… 2014: Liette Lomez61 years old, singer from Quebec, member of the group Toulouse… 2011: Eddy Palchak71 years old, former tackle manager for the Montreal Canadiens for over 30 years… 2010: Daniel Bradett64, Liberal Member of Parliament from 1985 to 1994… 2009: Gerald Laganiere62, Mayor of Laurier Station since 2002… 2004: Hubert Loiselle72, Quebec comedian… 1989: Jean Claude Malepart, Aged 50, MP for Laurier Ste-Marie.

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