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Accused of a intercourse scandal, Alderman Michel De Herde (DéFI) in Schaerbeek “leaves his expertise on depart”

The College of Schaerbeek has once again considered the case of Alderman Michel De Herde (DéFI). He officially accepted the indictment which came into effect on November 15, 2022. As the head of the budget, French nurseries, French education and extracurricular activities had requested in a letter sent on November 19, he was “put on leave his duties” for three months (until the date of validity of the order). “This deadline can be reviewed and renewed depending on the circumstances”, the municipality’s communique says.

“I sent the letter entitled “Dismissal”. Due to my medical certificate and the judge’s order that runs until February 14, 2023, I believe it is in the general interest of the municipality that it is better to go on leave”, the mayor affirms. “We will see after my health condition and if the prescription will be extended or modified. »

While waiting for the skills to be reallocated, Acting President Cécile Jodogne (DéFI) will take the signature on these different skills. “All skills are managed by the College. We will work to find out who will take care of these skills because they are great skills. You have to have time and knowledge, it’s very difficult”, says Marc Weber, the acting mayor’s chief of staff.

As a reminder, he has been the subject of several complaints in a sexual scandal. His home was searched and Michel De Herde was charged last week by an investigating judge with assault on the sexual integrity of an adult and assault on the sexual integrity of an adult by a person in authority. Chairperson Sihame Haddioui (Ecolo) responsible for Gender Equality accused him of indecent assault and sexist comments. Another person filed a complaint for “attempted debauchery of a minor and rape”.

A step aside?

So it’s stepping aside? “I don’t like tackles, I only like strikers, but at some point you have to be sensible. If I am absent for a significant period of three months, it seemed the reasonable thing to do,” says Michel de Herde.

“This in no way constitutes an admission of guilt and it is not even an abandonment of the post”, insists the elected amaranth, who has declared his innocence since the beginning of the case. “Depending on the evolution of my health condition, I intend to participate in the meetings of the College of Mayors and Mayors as well as the Police College and the municipal council. »

The college points out Michel De Herde’s desire to remain councilor and mayor, “the presumption of innocence seems to remain in force”.

“a cabal”

The president denounces a “cabal which is very well orchestrated mainly by Sihame Haddioui”. The latter claims to have very strong ties with the feminist collective Les Sous-Entendu.es who have twice called for a rally. Michel De Herde has also filed a complaint against X for harassment following a poster campaign calling for his resignation.

Although greatly tested by the accusations, the chosen amaranth maintains his faith in justice. “When you’re innocent, you wonder what this car is that’s chasing you. I know I’m innocent, but justice takes time. My lawyer and I are working to demonstrate that these claims are false,” he concludes.

On the party side, the Committee of the Wise will audition Michel De Herde this Wednesday. This independent body will decide on the future of the latter within the DéFI political party. Regardless of the decision, the elected official can remain chairman of the council without power unless he resigns.

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