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Again to highschool: some mother and father choose homeschooling

There are exactly fourteen days left until the beginning of the school year. A return to school in 2020 which will take place completely normally. In any case, as normally as possible. There are no plans to reduce the number of students or the number of days of attendance. All students, in kindergarten, primary and secondary, must attend school five days a week. Measures that can obviously be adapted, depending on a possible re-emergence of the epidemic.

However, some parents have decided not to re-enroll their child in school. Ideas are circulating on social networks to favor home schooling. In the office of the Minister of Education Caroline Désir, we believe that it is still a little early to assess whether this is a real trend for this beginning of the school year 2020. For the principal of Sainte Marie in Mouscron, the school must remain a place of diversity: “School is a place where children meet, from all walks of life. Some families may be able to arrange home schooling when one of the two parents is not working, or hire a tutor. And then there are other families who won’t have that choice. I’m not saying it’s better to stay at home with a preceptor, I’m just saying it risks creating gaps of this kind.

Take the plunge

In Mouscron, a family had already thought about it for some time and decided to take the plunge, given the positive experience that came out of the closure. “It was a pleasure to spend time with our children. This only confirmed our desire to embark on this adventure for a year.“Happy is this mother, a trained teacher. She is the one who will teach her children herself, starting from a field situation through nature outings or cultural visits. The children will remain enrolled in various sports clubs, movements youth and music academies. The idea is to allow their children to develop differently. A family project that is close to their heart and carefully considered.

Homeschooling, not so easy

Clearly, this is not a decision to be taken lightly. It is not at all easy to withdraw your child from the traditional school system. Furthermore, on enseignement.be (the website of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation) we can read this: whether […] you believe that home schooling may be appropriate, you must submit an exemption request with the home schooling statement”. Therefore, this type of teaching is not officially prohibited. But you must submit a solid record to prove school attendance: used book lists, museum tickets, sports club registrations, etc. An inspector also comes to check the school level of the children at certain times of the year.

Showing their credentials is the mission of parents who want to educate their children.

June test, full scale in September

If there is much uncertainty about the start of the school year, there is also certainty. School principals are trying to remember this. The principal of the Ste Marie de Mouscron school receives many calls from parents to find out if the sanitary conditions will be respected at the beginning of the school year: “I expected the parents to be a little more suspicious.” explains Anne Simon. “Legally, parents are asking themselves if we will be able to provide full security in schools. We were able to put health measures in place in June, but we did not have the entire school population. It is another challenge, but Exercise June allowed us to put a number of strategies in place. We tested on a small scale in June, we will try to implement it on a large scale in September.”

In September, whether we homeschool or traditionally, the challenge will be the same: raising children.

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