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air2022 occasion: Edtech and digital purposes in training

The “air” event and the ethical mission of the CNIL

The Law for a Digital Republic entrusted the CNIL with the task of leading a reflection on the ethical and social issues raised by the development of digital technologies. In response, the CNIL offers every year a thematic event rooted in the innovation landscape, calling “air” the future, innovations, revolutions.

Edtech and digital use: the challenges

In schools, digitization is revolutionizing learning and teaching. For children, these new practices have changed the way they perceive, read, and understand the world.

At the same time, edtech, new players who have appeared in the educational circle, are inspired by these developments and follow them. These publishers of software and interactive digital resources collect, store, analyze, enable visualization, sharing and interoperability of data and learning tracks. French or foreign economic operators have a huge pool of school and personal data.

However, this data is not data like others, it mainly concerns minors and reveals a lot of information about their private life. Therefore, special vigilance is required. The state, edtech, educators and families all have a role to play in finding a balance between data enhancement and respect for children’s rights and freedoms. Beyond the economic and sovereignty issues, there must be a reflection on current and future innovations through AI and algorithms and on the possible contribution of digital tools to reducing inequalities between students.

Bringing together field, policy and scientific expertise, the air2022 event offers an original, prospective reflection to understand the issue of the evolution of digital technology in education and the subsequent evolution of the French educational model through the prism of ethics.

The event will be available for replay shortly.

program of events

Animation: Stéphane Jobert, journalist.

Discussions with the participants are planned at the end of each round table.

Reception from 2 p.m

  • 2.30: opening by Marie-Laure DENIS, President of the CNIL
  • 2:45 p.m.: speech by Edouard GEFFRAY, Director General for School Education, Ministry of National Education and Youth
  • 3:00 p.m.: “Educational Data: Preserve or New Eldorado?” »

Moderator: Sylvie ROBERT, Senator, member of the CNIL

With :

  • Audran LE BARON, Digital Director of Education, Ministry of National Education and Youth
  • Bernard GIRY, Deputy Director General, Digital Transformation Department of the Ile-de-France Regional Council
  • Bénédicte JEANNEROD, Director France, Human Rights Watch

  • 4:00 p.m.: “ Edtech’s Contributions to Education: Realities and Prospects »

Moderator: Georges-Etienne FAURE, Director of the Digital Program, General Secretariat for Investments

With :

  • Béatrice PIRON, MEP for Yvelines, member of the Committee on Cultural Affairs and Education
  • Anne-Charlotte MONNERET, general delegate of the EdTech France association
  • Jean-Yves HEPP, President and Founder of Unowhy

  • 5.00: “Digital Practices and Education: From Addiction to Reason”

Moderator: Villano QIRIAZI, Director of the Education Policy Department of the Council of Europe

With :

  • Isabelle DUFRENE, Principal of the Marronniers de Meaux primary school
  • Dorie BRUYAS, Executive Director of Super Demain and Frequency Schools, President of MedNum
  • Pierre-Antoine CHARDEL, teacher-researcher, co-leader of the seminar “Contemporary socio-philosophy. Epistemological, Methodological and Critical Questions” (EHESS), Institut Mines-Telecom Business School

  • 6:00 p.m.: fencing by Stefania Giannini, UNESCO Deputy Director General for Education

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