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Ariège: Unsa is fearful in regards to the future

Unsa09 (the teachers’ union) took stock of the beginning of the 2022 school year in Ariège and revealed the first perspectives for 2023. A situation that seems worrying and that is increasing tensions in institutions.

If there has been a demographic decline in primary schools (nursery, primary and primary) since 2014, with less than 280 students in 2020 and less than 341 in 2021, 2022 sees a population increase of 13 students . A small surprise, but not necessarily synonymous with an improvement in the department.

“There could be three reasons for this: the arrival of young Ukrainians, about thirty in Ariège, the many home-schooled students during Covid who are returning to schools and the renewed confidence in the reception in schools, with decreasing cases and the conclusion of It is Covid that has affected these last three startups”, assures Antoine Loguillard, secretary of the Unsa09 education department.

At the second level (colleges and secondary schools), the numbers have decreased by 109 students with 13 fewer places in the department.

Lézat College has lost 30 students and finds itself with a total workforce of 400, which is abnormal. In Seix there are 126 students for 7 divisions, raising the issue of distribution”, he says. The same applies to technical and vocational secondary schools. “The decline in numbers is quite strong, but geographically it is very different. The high school Gabriel Fauré in Foix passes the bar of 900 students, when the institutions of Mirepoix and Pamiers, however with training after graduation, lose respectively 35 and 41. students”, adds Antoine Loguillard.

A more than worrying situation for Unsa 09. “We cannot have this unscrew without reaction. It is urgent. The continuation of the study in Ariège, if it is not done close, will not be done at all. There is an economic and cultural obstacle. that the young to go to Toulouse and its suburbs Vocational secondary schools have lost 40 students in the public”, he specifies.

Condemnation is growing among teachers

In education, tensions continue to grow, especially after the desire to reform the vocational high school for the beginning of the 2023 school year by the Ministry of Labor, which should significantly increase the duration of internships in companies. The three-year Vocational Training Charter and BTS is also under development and scheduled to be issued next January. Developments that Unsa09 disputes.

“There is unanimity among the public, private and agricultural teachers’ unions on these subjects, it is unheard of. The wealth of a territory is the mix of talents, skills, etc.,” explains Antoine Loguillard. At the beginning of the next school year, we are already announcing a drop of 105 students in Ariège and a reduction of 2,000 positions at national level, including 1,000 only in degree 1. The department will inevitably be affected.

Another reason for contestation, the question of the fairness of the funding of the department’s institutions. The 2023 budgets must be voted on before December 1 by leaders and heads of institutions, who are facing an unprecedented revolt. “Between the increase in the cost of energy and food products for canteens, financed by the communities, the increase in expenses will be strong. However, the institutions have received a notification of very low state grants, as if nothing had happened”, he says sorry department. education secretary Unsa.

However, the state has offered local authorities an additional allocation, which the latter want to distribute on a case-by-case basis. An abnormal situation according to the union. “If next week [NDLR. Celle débutant au 21 novembre 2022] departmental communities do not advance additional allocations for each institution, there will be calls to vote against the 2023 budgets of the boards of directors, from the heads and heads of the institutions themselves,” warns Antoine Loguillard.

According to him, there are no technical obstacles for this implementation, which has already happened in other regions. “New-Aquitaine and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes have announced extensions and the neighboring department of Haute-Garonne will see its budget increase. We hope for these announcements for Ariège and Occitanie, for an honest and balanced budget,” he concludes .

The next few days promise to be decisive in the department.

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