Arnaud Desjardins and Mason Nyhus: two top-class quarterbacks on the Vanier Cup

LONDON | The Vanier Cup will feature two “phenomenal” quarterbacks who are among the “elite” of college football in the country and are at the top of their game.

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This concert of praise for pivots Arnaud Desjardins and Mason Nyhus came from their head coaches. Glen Constantin and Scott Flory know they have the crème de la crème of quarterbacks in Canada’s varsity network on their hands.

Both athletes dominated all year. They’re the only ones to average over 300 passing yards per game. And they put up touchdown pass after touchdown pass.

“I think they are two phenomenal quarterbacks. They are undoubtedly among the country’s elite,” Flory boasts.

Constantin also spoke of “two very good quarterbacks” and specified that Rouge et Or’s career in the playoffs had already enabled him to compete with great players in this position.

They faced Jonathan Sénécal at the Dunsmore Cup before meeting Evan Hillock at the Mitchell Cup. “At the end of the season we will be able to say that we made it […] was tested by every good quarterback in Canada. »

A pure ferryman

Between Desjardins and Nyhus, the latter has the most experience. A fifth-year veteran, he gained experience at the Vanier Cup in Quebec last year. A 27-21 loss to the Western University Mustangs.

The main prospect, freshly voted Attacking Player of the Week in the country, wants to leave the pitch with a Vanier Cup in his arms this time.

“We had to compete against elite teams outside of our conference last year. This experience will help us a lot for the upcoming game,” he believes.

“Mason, the only thing I see in the film is that he’s not the bravest quarterback. It’s not a Sénécal who can walk. It’s not Eloa [Latendresse-Régimbald] Neither does McGill. It’s a pure smuggler that stays in your pocket,” Constantin clarifies.


As for Arnaud Desjardins, when he doesn’t have Mason Nyhus’ baggage, he benefits from the kind words of the veterans around him.

“They told me that these are very physical games where nobody wants to make mistakes. We have to protect the ball. We need to do as many big games as we can because they definitely won’t give it to us,” he said.

For his part, Scott Flory praised Desjardins’ very good work. But the experience that his own quarterback has gained in recent years would not be traded for anything in the world.

“He is the leader of our football team. He’s been to some CFL camps, he’s seen these guys prepare, how they navigate their lives off the field. He has a great professional approach. »

All Canadian Gala

Three members of Rouge et Or will be nominated at the All-Canadian Gala in London on Thursday night. Wide receiver Kevin Mital has competed for the prestigious Hec Creighton Trophy, awarded to the country’s most valuable player. Tackle Nathaniel Dumoulin-Duguay is nominated for the JP Metras Trophy awarded to Offensive Lineman of the Year on the Canadian varsity circuit. And Glen Constantin, who was voted Quebec Head Coach of the Year, may also be in Canada as he is a candidate for the Frand Tindall Trophy.

In summary

Thanks to his 17 tackles, including seven solos, Alec Poirier earned the title of defender of the week… Kicker Vincent Blanchard, author of four field goals in five attempts, was voted player of the week in special teams… The management of the Quebec Remparts has announced it will be showing the Vanier Cup game ahead of the hockey club’s game on a giant screen at the Videotron Center.


The duel between Arnaud Desjardins and Mason Nyhus promises the Vanier Cup final.

Archive photo

The duel between Arnaud Desjardins and Mason Nyhus promises the Vanier Cup final.

  • player from 2e Year
  • Games played: 8th
  • Passes attempted: 267
  • Completed Passes: 195
  • Percentage of Passes Completed: 73%
  • Courts/Games: 319.4
  • Affected: 20
  • Sections: 4


  • player from 5e Year
  • Games played: 8th
  • Passes attempted: 298
  • Completed Passes: 197
  • Percentage of Passes Completed: 66.1%
  • Courts/Games: 344.9
  • Affected: 18
  • Sections: 3

A duty to facilitate the task

Glen Constantin wants “the best possible start”

After seeing his team come back brilliantly after a disastrous start last Saturday, Glen Constantin now wants his players to “have the best start possible. »

Successful comebacks are rare when you’re down 17-0 in a match. Université Laval pulled off the feat last week but head coach Constantin knows full well that it can’t always work, especially in the context of the Vanier Cup.

So he hopes his squad won’t “make it harder” for him to make mistakes.

“Of course you want to have the best possible start so that you don’t have to move up or win by a narrow margin,” he says.

“But if you look at that, aside from our mistakes, we still moved the ball well. Even if we lost 17-0, I didn’t feel like we were downgraded as a team,” he added immediately, reassured by the performance of the rest of his ranks at the Mitchell Cup.

“It’s about playing better. »

Interview with Glen Constantin after Friday's press conference in London.

Photo Didier Debusschere

Interview with Glen Constantin after Friday’s press conference in London.

As strong as westerns

And play better, it will be necessary. Glen Constantin compares the Saskatchewan Huskies to Western University Mustangs, “but with a different identity. »

The other identity referred to by the Rouge et Or pilot is the Western Representatives Air Strike Force. Led by veteran quarterback Mason Nyhus, the Huskies’ offense dominated the country.

A veteran

On average, the offense gained 479 yards in each game, including nearly 350 passes.

“He’s in his fifth year but I think he’s been in the program for eight years. It gives us an idea of ​​what a veteran he is,” Constantin notes of Nyhus.

“Passport coverage doesn’t hold any big secrets for him. We have to mix our covers up to a point and be able to push. »

Make yourself “awkward”

The key to trying to slow down the Huskies’ aerial game will be putting a lot of pressure on Mason Nyhus, Constantin believes.

“What I saw is that nobody is pressuring him at the conference. You will focus more on coverage and pressure. I think it’s something we can do. We want to make it a little more uncomfortable. »

The valuable experience gained at last year’s Vanier Cup will be a first-choice ally for the Huskies, who want to take revenge on their opponents’ soil for their failure in Quebec on Saturday.

Scott Flory, head coach at the University of Saskatchewan, seems relaxed on the phone. When you listen to him you can tell he feels privileged to still be able to play football at this time of year and is enjoying the moment.

“It’s great when you’re playing in the cold at the end of November, when you’re one of the last two teams fighting for the championship,” he says enthusiastically.

“Just too good”

He’s all the more grateful since his players almost stumbled at last Saturday’s Uteck Cup against the St. Fx X-Men and were 13:13 in the fourth quarter. Many would have thought that the Huskies would make short work of the Atlantic champions.

“We made mental mistakes, mistakes, things we don’t normally do. We took penalties. We’ll have to make fewer mistakes,” agrees Flory, at the helm of the Huskies since 2017.

When he was named head coach in March 2017, the team hadn’t won a playoff game in nine years.

“Against Laval we know that if we make mistakes like we did with St FX they will take their chances. You are just too good. »


The former Montreal Alouettes suit holder for 15 years does not hesitate to plunge into the world of boxing to qualify for the upcoming confrontation. “It’s going to be a heavyweight fight,” he warns.

“I have great respect for coach Constantin and this football program. We know he will have prepared his players well. »

After a day of training on Tuesday, the Huskies headed to London on Wednesday. And this time it’s not about taking a scheduled flight. Delays and mechanical failures of one plane seasoned the trip to St-FX a little too much for Scott Flory’s liking.

” Oh no ! It’s a charter flight, he says, although the team is used to air travel during the season. We will certainly control our movements. »

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