Artwork Research: What Scholarships Can College students Declare?

With the purchase of the equipment and the practical projects, art studies can quickly become expensive: In order to help the most precarious students with financing, you should know that there are many scholarships. Here are some tips from public and private art schools.

Art students know this: Even in public schools, where tuition fees are usually lower than in the private sector, Between the material to acquire and the hands-on projects, studying can be expensive. But there are many scholarships that can give the most struggling or deserving student a boost. Overview.

Scholarships at public art schools

In the state art colleges, which are under the Ministry of Culture and Communication, students can receive scholarships depending on their parents’ income. They therefore have access to Crous grants.

In addition, the Ministry of Culture and Communication has created one Annual National Culture Emergency Relief Fund (FNAUAC). Emergency assistance that allows “students who encounter ongoing difficulties to be quickly provided with personalized financial assistance of between six and nine months”. To obtain it, the student must apply to their institution, but it cannot be combined with social criteria grants.

At the Beaux-Arts de Paris, students can also benefit from thisa diploma grant (final project) in the 10th semesterso the last year. The City of Paris also awards six grants each year “to promote the work of students of the Beaux-Arts de Paris”, intended for the most needy who pass their diploma or the year after their diploma.

Other public art schools also offer national scholarships and private scholarships. This is the case at Les Gobelins, École de l’image, where Crous grants – for certain courses only – can be applied for from January 15th to May 31st for the following school year. The school’s Social Fund also exempts some students from tuition fees based on their academic performance and financial hardship.. The school also offers numerous scholarships funded by private companies (Olympus France, BMW France, Pathé, Universal Music, etc.) and by foundations.

The Artagon association, which is dedicated to supporting, promoting and accompanying creative work, also offers various scholarships for young students.for the purchase of raw materials or in collaboration with Andea (National Association of Higher Schools of Art and Design).

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Scholarships at private art schools

No access to Crous Scholarships on the private side unless the institution is state-recognized Such is the case with the Nantes-Atlantique School of Design. But some art schools – such as the Rubika School (School of 3D 2D Animation, Video Game and Design) since 2019 – also write merit-based scholarships, typically funded by private companies, foundations, and individual donations.

The fashion design school IFA Paris offers scholarships “based on merit, talent and academic profile”. and financial assistance for students with limited funds. The ESMA (college for artistic professions) ensures in its presentation that “internal scholarships are awarded subject to conditions, from the 2nd year of study”. At the Ecole de Condé we speak of “excellence scholarships” for students who have completed a bachelor’s degree, which are awarded according to the student’s motivation and potential. Most offer them, so check with your school!

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Help from foundations and patrons

Typically, foundations have a partnership with the art school you are enrolled in that will notify you of the existence of the scholarship. but In some cases it is possible to apply directly to the foundation for a grant : The Fondation Mérimée grant for arts and crafts in restoration or the “Artistes dans la cité” grant from the Fondation Hermès is only open to students from 19 partner institutions (the call for applications is open until September 16).

We can also mention the Banque Populaire Foundation, which provides particular support in the fields of music and arts and crafts with scholarships from 1,000 to 15,000 euros per year; the Culture and Diversity Foundation, which promotes equal opportunities in all artistic areas (12 programs in total); the Meyer Foundation for cultural and artistic development, which notably supports the Paris Conservatory and the Ecole du Louvre … There is also the Vallet Foundation (only in the Paris Academy) which, for example, allows eight new students from the Ecole Estienne to receive them a grant of 4,600 euros per year.

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heritage grants

On the heritage page, the INHA (National Institute of Art History) lists grants that fund research in Art History (at master’s and doctoral level): we can mention the Master 2 Research Grants in Art History of the French Committee of Art History, the Giacometti research grant of the Paris Institute for the History of Modern Art… The INP (National Heritage Institute) also offers some grants.

Finally, foreign foundations can also help art students. This is what the Franco-German Youth Welfare Office (OFAJ) offers a mobility grant for a study visit to Germany, at an art college (academy for fine arts, college of arts or technical college for design and creation) or at a college for music and theater (college for music and theatre). You must be between 18 and 30 years old, between two and five months the student gets 300 euros per month.

Grants from the Kenza-Institut de France Foundation Scholarships for higher education abroad to art and art history students from major Parisian or national institutions. The application period ends in January and you must be under 28 years old.

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