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BEAC strengthens the safety of the brand new vary of banknotes to restrict counterfeiting

From December 15th, economic operators in the CEMAC zone will start using new denominations of 500F, 1000F, 2000F, 5000F and 10,000F CFA for their various transactions. If the ratings of the new series called “BEAC Type 2020” do not change compared to 2002, some innovations are still worth noting. Both in terms of iconography and size, and in terms of security.

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Regarding the images visible on the new banknotes, according to the work carried out by the Bank of Central African States (BEAC) for banknotes and coins, the spirit of integration of the CEMAC member states is once again highlighted. In fact, many emblematic images of Africa and the sub-region in particular are visible on its main page. There are maps of the continent and central Africa, six-petal tulip tree flowers representing the six member states of the community, the CEMAC logo, the BEAC headquarters building, Derby moose, the first BEAC emblems. All this visible on the back. On the front line, space is given to “Population, natural resources and key sub-regional priorities: modern agriculture, health, education, environmental protection, vegetation and fauna,” states BEAC in its book, stating that “these issues that are in continuity of the previous series of banknotes also show the willingness of the member states to adapt fully to the general development of the nations”. In addition, still with an eye to integration, the zone’s four official languages, namely French, English, Spanish and Arabic, are now used on tickets.

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In terms of size, banknotes grow with their denomination for easier storage. So there will be three widths (65.70 and 74mm) and five lengths (125, 130, 135, 140 and 145mm). We can also see that on the new denominations similar to the euro, the white borders have disappeared. The other innovation is the touch line for the visually impaired. In fact, this line in a corner of each banknote, the number of which increases according to the denomination of the banknotes, allows this group of people to recognize the money signs: one line for the 500F note, two lines for the 1000F note, three lines for 2000F, four rows for 5000F and five rows for 10,000F.

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As for security, experts say that since 2010, the BEAC has been studying the evolution of counterfeiting in the world in order to limit the most sophisticated attempts at counterfeiting. And to counteract this trend, which affects even the strongest currencies in the world, around ten security elements have been integrated into the different denominations. Some apply to all denominations, others are specific to each denomination. These marks include the security thread, “embedded in the paper, marked CEMAC in daylight and showing rainbow colors under UV light. Raised text and patterns, a two-tone number, window threads, mini and micro letters are other elements that must be taken into account by the general public in order to guarantee the authenticity of banknotes.

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