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#BEAC: the traits of the 2022 banknotes

To facilitate their authentication, the tickets have the same security marks in the same places. Large denominations of 5,000 and 10,000 francs have increased security due to their high face value.

According to Governor Abbas Mahamat Tolli, “The new series of BEAC type 2022 banknotes will be put into circulation from 15 December. It consists of the following five denominations: 500 Fcfa, 1000 Fcfa, 2000 Fcfa, 5000 Fcfa and 10,000 Fcfa“. This new vintage of the Bank of Central African States comes 20 years after the last one. It features a number of innovations.

inscriptions on both sides

New images will appear on the new banknotes. Sub-regional integration is highlighted. Emblematic representations of Africa and particularly the sub-region are visible on the main (back) face. Below these illustrations:
– The stylized map of Africa;
– The map of Central Africa;
– six-petalled tulip flowers representing the six Member States of the Community;
– the CEMAC logo;
– the central services of the BEAC;
– Derby moose, the first emblems of the BEAC.

On the front lines, BEAC gives pride of place to important issues and ambitions in the sub-region. Five posts, five topics:

– Modernized agriculture;
– Health
– The protection of flora;
– protection of species;
– Education.

Still with integration in mind, the four official languages ​​of the CEMAC zone, French, English, Spanish and Arabic, are now used on tickets. A real innovation!

Physical Properties

Each of the banknotes that will be in circulation from December 15, 2022 will have their dimensions. The smallest ticket is the one with the smallest value. The more the value of the ticket increases, the larger the dimensions become. Three widths (65, 70 and 74 mm) and five lengths (125, 130, 135, 140 and 145 mm) have been selected for this range.

Disappearance of white borders on cuts. The inscriptions now occupy the entire surface on both the front and the back. In the design we will also have found the tactile line (curve) intended for the visually impaired. It’s on the main page at the bottom left. The number of lines increases according to the value of the tickets to determine the face value: 1 line for the 500F ticket, 2 lines for 1000F, 3 lines for 2000F, 4 lines for 5000F and 5 lines for 10,000F On the physical side, the last element is color. A different coloring for each banknote:
– Gray for the 500F ticket;
– Blue for 1000F;
– Pink for 2000F;
– Green for 5000 F;
– Violet for 10,000 F.

ticket security

In order to limit counterfeiting and to counteract the counterfeiting trend observed in the industry, about ten elements have been inserted into the different denominations. We can quote the security thread, texts and relief patterns, a two-tone number (each side has its own color), window threads and mini and micro letters. So many elements that should allow the user to tell the real from the fake. Due to their high face value, the denominations of CHF 5,000 and CHF 10,000 have increased security features.

The population of the CEMAC zone will thus discover this range on December 15, 2022. This action is in line with Article 33 of the BEAC Statutes, which gives it the power to introduce new denominations if necessary. This is the fifth edition since 1972. The other series were circulated in 1972, 1982, 1992, 2002. The face of the new CEMAC zone banknotes was created to mark the 50th anniversary of the BEAC in N “Djamena, Chad.

Danielle Mouadoume Belinga

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