Begin the primary initiatives of the strategic plan

Last spring’s colloquium and ideation workshops in the units generated more than 75 ideas for initiatives around Mobile Campus, Living Campus, recognition of multilingual acquisition and leadership in open and responsible knowledge projects for the University of Montreal’s strategic plan. Based on this data, the cells of builders and newly commissioned builders to implement the initial initiatives.

“The current strategic plan is being implemented under the banner of large long-term projects,” explains Jean-François Gaudreault-DesBiens, Vice Rector for Strategic Planning and Communication. With the projects started today, we identify the work to build together and move on. Our institutional roadmap was designed based on consultation with the university community and is firmly rooted in the desires, ideas and ambitions that abound on campuses. The same applies to projects.

By 2032, a dozen major projects will be completed, each involving multiple initiatives. “Year to year we will remain flexible and keep our goals in mind, but also consider resources and context. We can’t wait to share other upcoming projects as well, which won’t be long now,” says the Pro-Rector.

Four projects set the table

The Living Campus project will comprise a series of short-lived or permanent initiatives aiming to “breathe life” into UdeM. In 2023, the team will work on organizing a first winter festival, proposing a program based on the ideas of the university units.

The mobile campus component promises to “move” UdeM to continue to bring it closer to its diverse communities and foster relationships of trust with the population. It will also allow for exposure of students to other realities, whether through action research or nomadic training. As an introduction, the team accompanies the poetess and sage of UdeM Joséphine Bacon in presenting a story. It will also support a creative project on four wheels sponsored by literature professors Simon Harel and Catherine Mavrikakis. A few more citizens’ initiatives are to be expected.

In the “Leadership in Open and Responsible Knowledge” project, the university wants to actively support the development and adoption of educational and scientific statements for the common good. As a first measure, an inventory of Open Access and Open Science at the UdeM will be carried out. It should be noted that just over two years ago, the Université de Montréal adopted an open access policy for scholarly publications, requiring researchers to make their publications accessible through the institutional repository. Academic staff can find all relevant information on the subject of Open Access on a newly launched website.

Finally, the multilingual recognition project aims to recognize or improve students’ language skills in order to provide them with additional tools related to their mobility and the influence they can exert. Through this project, UdeM also aims to diversify the recruitment pools of the student community, teaching staff, and support and administrative staff. First, work must be done to improve the inventory of languages ​​spoken by the student community, and then think about implementing a means of assessing and certifying proficiency in two or more languages.

Learn more

Stay tuned for the series of articles that will appear on UdeMNouvelles on these first four strategic plan projects and consult regularly.

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