Between the rumors and the shortage of solutions, the police take inventory

The Idaho Police Department on Wednesday released an investigation into the deaths of four college students who were killed in a dormitory off campus at their university.

Earlier this week, police asked the public for patience. But since the death of four students who were stabbed in a dormitory off campus at the University of Idaho, rumors have intensified on social media. Fueled by the lack of elements to solve this crime, authorities were forced to respond on Wednesday.

During a press conference, Moscow Police Captain Roger Lanier reiterated that the two housemates present at the time of the tragedy were officially exonerated, while their names were circulated online as possible suspects. He also responded to a video of a man driving a food truck shared on social media, which also pushed him off the list of people potentially involved. Aaron Snell, communications director for the Idaho State Police, stated, “It takes time to put all the pieces together and get the timeline of multiple events to get a sense of what really happened. The public doesn’t know everything because it’s a criminal investigation. But I can assure you that there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes.” A total of 90 people are responsible for this file and more than 700 leads have been investigated, according to CNN.

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“We’re trying to put an end to the rumors as best we can”

Ethan Chapin (20), Madison Mogen (21), Xana Kernodle (20) and Kaylee GonCalves (21) were found dead on November 13. At the moment, the authorities have not arrested anyone and have not found the murder weapon. The autopsy revealed only that the victims had been stabbed. The case is all the more troubling given that two other housemates were there on the night of the tragedy. But the young women slept and apparently did not hear the crimes. The next day, at 11:58 a.m., after the bodies were found, the emergency services were called. Two bodies were on the first floor and two more on the second.

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The city of Moscow is in shock after this crime. “People talk about this case and go through a lot of feelings. You are confused, angry. We’re kind of trying to put an end to the rumors and we want the truth to come out,” said Aaron Snell. Among the rumors that have persisted on the internet is one about a “wounded and skinned dog” found three weeks before the killings. For those living in the area, there was no doubt that this dog had a connection to the crimes, which police were quick to deny. She also assured that a killed animal had never been abandoned on a neighboring property.

Responding to another rumor that Kaylee was being stalked by a stalker, Captain Roger Lanier said he was “unable to confirm this information” while saying he would “continue to verify it”. The Moscow police had already warned the public about unofficial information on the Internet in a press release: “Rumors and speculation about the ongoing investigations continue to circulate. Police are warning the public not to trust rumors and remain committed to keeping the public informed.”

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Deliberately targeted

Police said evidence suggested the students were deliberately assaulted, although they gave no further details. Nothing appears to have been stolen from the victims. There were also no signs of forced entry. When the police arrived, the door was open. Upon entering the crime scene, officers encountered what James Fry described as “the worst crime scene they’ve ever seen.” The police chief also said that Ethan and Xana, who were a couple, were at a party on Saturday night while Madison and Kaylee were at a bar.

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