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Bobissik can be positioned within the Traverse sector

The first project of Mon quartier de Lévis’ entrepreneurial incubator, Boutique du QUARTIER, ended on October 31. One of the companies that participated, Bobissik Bicycle Workshop, is going back to the drawing board with the goal of opening the doors of a location in Traverse Sector next May.

Lévis entrepreneur Marc Parent, who launched Bobissik during the pandemic, was delighted to have been able to participate in this project of the Lévis organization, who shared premises with seven other entrepreneurs on the Passage coast in Old-Levi’s.

“La Boutique du QUARTIER was a great springboard for my business, especially because we were located in an ideal location for the flow of people,” he explains.

Lévisien has been repairing bicycles at home and in the shop for 10 years while studying music. After graduating, it was more during the summer that Marc Parent returned to repairing bicycles.

“Over the years I developed skills, a talent and a passion, bikes started to take more space in my life. With the pandemic, teaching has become difficult. Then I decided to leave the profession with a heavy heart, I took the plunge and founded Bobissik”, says the young entrepreneur from Lévis.

Although he repaired bicycles from his workshop located in his home, it was the opportunity to have a showcase that attracted him to the Boutique du QUARTIER project.

“Having a storefront opens many doors. I had many good meetings, both at the level of clients and actors in the field, it allowed me to find good allies in my project”, he believes.

Teaching and services

With Bobissik, Marc Parent offers bicycle repair, but also training in bicycle mechanics so that cyclists can learn how to maintain their bicycles and deal with breakage.

“What distinguishes me in my business model is this training offer, which practically does not exist in the region. It is an innovation at Lévis and allows me to put my teaching training to good use. The democratization of knowledge, access to tools, support, that’s how I stand out,” says Lévisien.

Already, the entrepreneur’s brain is buzzing with ideas for the rest of his project. With his teaching background, he wants to approach schools to see how we can collaborate to invite young people to develop this passion for cycling and bike mechanics, for example through school outings. Its objective is to train the next generation and contribute to efforts to combat school dropout.

It also wants to invest in the development of sustainable mobility in the territory, in order to be an actor with other civic groups in this green transition.

A new location and a new offer

Marc Parent plans to open the doors to his new location next May. Located in the former address of the Barbacoa restaurant in the Traverse sector, Le Lévisien believes it is a prime location to offer its services to cyclists.

“The location is key. The bike path passes directly in front of the next local Bobissik. My partner and I intend to renovate the premises so that it is optimal to easily accommodate customers with their bicycles”, underlines the entrepreneur, adding that he wants to add automatic doors so that cyclists can enter their bicycle in worked without a problem. .

With the move, he wants to hire three employees and offer a rental service for urban and electric bikes and more. By next May, Marc Parent will be moving his family and activities to his home workshop in order to continue to offer his services to his clients.

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