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Cafeyn opens a brand new web page and consolidates its mannequin

Cafeyn is an application developed in 2006 to provide access to digital versions of newspaper titles. This made it possible to store and retrieve magazines and newspapers online. However, customs have changed: news expires faster and the French spend less time reading them. Readers demand shorter, more engaging content. According to an Ipsos study from October 2022, 41% of the French say they use social networks to get information.

In order to continue to react to these new uses and to keep this audience, the platform completes its offer with new media and new formats.

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In addition to print media, which are still available via the application, there are others such as AFP, RTL or Stopping Images, international titles such as The Telegraph or Worldcrunch and specialist press such as The New Detective, Futura or Reporterre. In total, the diverse catalog offers 2,500 titles and reflects the diversity of interests, languages ​​and opinions, with the aim of being able to offer content that suits every taste and passion.

The user experience is also changing to keep up with trends in information consumption. The existing PDF offer will be supplemented by a newsfeed that offers articles from publishers’ websites. Theme rooms are developed. Article readings by actors facilitate on-the-go consumption. And the video could follow soon: the option is the subject of experiments.

However, some publishers are missing from the offer on offer. Titles like Le Monde choose not to appear on digital newsstands. In particular, they argue with a lack of independence in the management of subscriptions or lower remuneration and, at the same time, are digitizing their activities.

In response to these questions, Cafeyn advocates the complementarity between its offer and traditional media subscriptions. First of all, the presence on the platform is an additional source of income for the media, at a time when many are struggling to make money. The platform is also a showcase for the media, allowing them to be known and discovered by new destinations and new readers among the 2.5 million that Cafeyn has. The catalog allows users to choose from their ” information bubble invites them to discover new titles, bringing visibility and support to smaller and independent media outlets. According to an Ipsos survey, 74% of digital kiosk users have already subscribed to or plan to do so after discovering it on a digital kiosk.

For Ari Assued, President and Founder of Cafeyn, the French must be made to understand that information comes at a price and must be valued accordingly: “ We have a common educational duty to educate the French about the cost of information and the work of journalists. This work is key to maintaining quality, free and diversified information in France. The announced States General on the right to information will put media education back on the agenda, especially for future citizens. »

Cafeyn also offers its media partners access to new readership reporting data for their titles. By developing one dashboard The platform is dedicated to each publisher and allows them to identify the content that arouses the most interest, the number of content read, the reading time granted to each of them, etc.

Cafeyn aims to position itself as the Spotify of the press: a place of diverse consumption and discovery for readers and an additional monetization solution for the media in the face of the modeling crisis they are going through.

Through its subsidiary miLibris, Cafeyn also offers an infrastructure for digitizing paper articles without appropriating the rights to them…unlike Google or Meta, which go toe-to-toe with publishers to obtain them.

Faced with declining interest and a worrying mistrust of the media, the content aggregation model is undoubtedly one of the responses to the crisis the sector is going through.

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