Can gutters be cleaned in the winter

If you’re a first-time homeowner or need a refresher on gutter care, it’s important to know that gutter maintenance is critical to preventing foundation damage, mold and other issues in your home. Gutters help carry water away from your home and protect it from bad weather. Although gutter cleaning is usually done in the fall and spring, there are some things that should be done in the winter.

  1. Check for ice buildup. When your gutters are carrying too much weight, they can loosen or pull out of the faceplates, or break off altogether. Ice can build up if your gutters are clogged with leaves that have plugged the drainage holes. Ice dams can even rise above the gutters and damage your roof. Ideally, before the first snow, check your gutters to make sure they are free of leaves and other debris.
  2. Check for clogs inside your downspout. As the debris is cleared from your gutters, be sure to check your downspouts for clogs. Make sure downspouts and downspouts are pointed away from the house to avoid large puddles of standing water, which can freeze and cause additional problems.
  3. Leaked addresses. If you notice any leaks while cleaning your gutters, they should be addressed. Leaks can cause many problems such as roof damage, foundation damage, mold and more. Leaks can be plugged with silicon or putty, but only a professional can determine if a gutter needs replacing.

Avoid Sagging Gutters

When the water freezes, you can be sure that the heavier debris will also freeze. Your gutters were not designed to accommodate this extra weight, which can tear gutters, pull them out of the house and unsightly overhang gutters. Additionally, the added weight would cause any of the hardware that secures the gutters to your home to pull out of your home or come completely loose. In this unfortunate situation, your gutters could fall down completely. In addition to being a very dangerous condition, severely clogged gutters usually require a complete gutter replacement.

If you’re walking in a winter wonderland, chances are you’ll see beautiful chickadees hanging from home. Although they may make your home look like a house brand, ice dams can cause serious damage to your roof and the rest of your home.

How Winter Cleaning Can Prevent Gutter Damage

During the fall leaves collect and replace water. When winter hits, that standing water will freeze, causing further expansion and further freezing, starting a cycle that becomes an inefficient, expensive mess. An ice dam may form along the edge of the roof and prevent the snow from flowing off. Water and snow are heavy, and too much construction puts extra pressure on your gutters, causing them to slip or fall out of proper alignment.

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What Can We Do in Freezing Temperatures?

  • Front cover and front
  • Gutter & guard installations
  • cleaning gutters (due to freezing, it’s too cold to clean gutters)
  • Existing gutter guards (due to freezing, it is too cold to clean gutters, which we do before installing the guards)
  • repair or reseal existing gutters

How to Keep Your Gutters Clean During the Winter

  • Remove Any Fallen Leaves or Debris

Despite your cleaning efforts throughout the months before the winter season, after fall leaves and other debris can still find their way inside your gutters and downspouts. Debris removal can be the most unpleasant task during the winter due to the freezing temperatures and combined weight of snow and ice in the gutters. It is important to focus on corners and junctions where leaves are likely to collect. Some of the tools you may need for this task include pressure washers, a gutter scope, a garden trowel, gloves, and a sturdy ladder. One of the best ways to reduce the inconvenience of removing debris from your gutters during the winter is to install gutter covers.

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