Can I use magic eraser on gutters

Gutters can become clogged for a number of reasons, including overflowing gutters, mineral buildup or mold growth. Some types of stains such as black streaks, also known as tiger streaks, are caused by particles of algae, pollution, roofing material and/or dirt adhering to gutter surfaces. Whatever the reason, stains on the exterior surfaces of your gutters will mar their appearance, detracting from the neat exterior of your home. To restore the visual appeal of unsightly rain gutters, a gentle scrubbing is often necessary to remove surface grime.

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Gutter Tiger Stripes

Yoast FAQ

La Awesome is a great company that does a lot of work in the community. I’m sure they would be happy to help you with your gutter cleaning needs.

How to Clean Exterior Window Frames

When cleaning outdoor frames, you’ll want to start by getting the frames wet. Using Mr Clean Magic eraser is a great way to remove any light stains or organic deposits. Basically, these pads are very fine engraved blocks. Chemicals are not necessary but can help speed up the process.

If this first step doesn’t yield much, it’s time to move on to more aggressive tactics. You can find a solvent-based cleaner online or at a local hardware store. Check the label to make sure it is safe to use on aluminum. You should also test an inconspicuous spot before jumping into the process. You’ll want to follow the directions on the bottle, which may require you to apply the cleaner and let it sit for a while before removing.

My other favorite uses for Magic Eraser

In addition to the ideas I’ve mentioned above, here are some other ways I’ve personally found Magic Eraser to use around the House. :

Cleaning a white phone charger cord (yep, that cord starts to look gray after a while!)

To get more life out of your Magic Erasers, try this:

  1. Cut each Magic Eraser into 4 equal sized pieces (across the shortest width of the eraser, not along its length). This way, you get 4 times the amount of cleaning from any Eraser!
  2.  Lightly mist with water (by misting or using a kitchen sink sprayer), rather than saturating it with water Рwhich makes it more sticky.
  3. Scrub lightly with the Magic Eraser, then wipe the area with a wet towel to prevent the dirt/grime from smearing and remove any residue.
  4. When it starts to get yucky (after cleaning several different items), but spray rinse again to revive it a little. Then squeeze out the excess water, and continue using it until it starts to shred

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