Can you pressure wash a house with 2000 PSI

Follow the steps below, which begin by spraying your home with a common garden sprayer, then moving on to a pressure washer, to rid your home’s exterior of built-up dirt.

Protect shrubs, plants, gardens and lawns by covering them with drop cloths or plastic sheeting. Close windows and doors and tape or cover with plastic sheeting if your doors and windows tend to leak. Secure all linens/cloths with tape.

How much psi do I need to clean my driveway?

Typically the pressure you need to clean your driveway is around 3000 psi. Make sure the pressure washer also has a good flow rate, if possible around 3 GPM. This should be enough to clear your driveway. Use a degreaser if the driveway has oil stains.

To effectively clean your driveway, you need good pressure and a decent flow of water. This section will give you an overview of the ideal pressure and flow rate to clean your driveway while keeping a few precautions in mind.

Why is it so important to determine the amount of psi you need for the pressure washer?

If you buy a pressure washer without considering how much PSI you need, there are two possible outcomes. If you buy a pressure washer that produces too little pressure, you will end up cleaning inefficiently.

But if you buy an obviously powerful pressure washer – too powerful for your particular project – you could end up damaging your property. In this second case, you also risk wasting your money on a lot more equipment than you actually need.

‚óŹ How much psi do you need to clean the decks of your house?

To clean the deck with a pressure washer, first check the type of wood you are using. Proper cleaning of softwoods, such as pine and cedar, requires 500 to 600 psi pressure. For harder wood, use a pressure of around 1200 to 1500 psi.

Cleaning a patio looks like a simple task. Point your pressure washer at it and you’re done. However, washing your deck with a pressure washer without using the correct setting can cause irreparable damage to the wood such as cracking. Or damage the paint.

Which nozzle?

You will need to use the black soap nozzle to apply the detergent. Then, to pressure wash the house siding, use the nozzle at 25 or 40 degrees. To pressure clean the higher areas, you will want to use an extension pole, as you want to avoid using a ladder with a pressure washer. Always hold the pressure wand 3 feet from the surface to begin with and move closer to 1 foot as you watch the force needed to remove mildew and dirt. The detergent should work its magic to do very little pressure needed.

Absolutely. Detergent is necessary as it will make the job simple. Without it, you risk damaging the siding of your home because it will take more water force to remove dirt and grime. There are specific detergent solutions formulated to clean the siding of your home, whether it’s vinyl, stucco, brick or wood. Make sure you only buy environmentally friendly solutions.

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