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Canicross and CaniVTT lovers have an appointment in Ménasse on December 4th

Six races are offered according to categories (1), with a staggered start from 9:30 a.m. By noon all pairs should have crossed the finish line.

The leader of this competition for and around the dog is the Canicross – Canimarche section of the Canine Education Club (CEC) of Mont-de-Marsan, created in 2015 and dependent on the National Commission for Education and Canine Activities and participating in the Canine Central Society. Since September, Sabine Wissocq, head of the section, her husband Xavier and a hard core of volunteers embarked in their wake have been working on the organisation. “It’s very official, it’s a huge task,” commented Xavier Wissocq.

Authorizations from the agglomeration community that manages the Ménasse site, the towns of Saint-Pierre-du-Mont and Mont-de-Marsan, veterinary services, obtaining sponsors, election of a race director, refreshments , nothing has been left to chance. And certainly not the course.

“Worthy of a French Championship”

It is that the Canimoun has a good reputation to uphold, even if it is only its second edition, as the restrictions linked to the Covid have prevented the event for the last two years. “For the first time in 2019, returns exceeded our expectations,” smiles Xavier Wissocq. The best compliment was that the race was “worthy of a French championship”.

The final push will be given the day before the Canimoun and the same morning at dawn by the forty volunteers mobilized to mark and secure the course. “Compared to 2019, we turn it upside down and added a small kilometer for Long Canicross and CaniVTT,” slips Xavier Wissocq. It’s better to be prepared to tame the ribs, coax the descents, and most importantly, don’t be fooled by the fake flats. “You can ask the volunteers who scout the route every Sunday… It’s advisable to do a little scouting beforehand! »

This should attract fans of the discipline, many of whom are looking for this type of competition. “We are starting to find more and more races on the website listing them. We agree with the other two sports federations that organize Canicross (the Federation of Canine Sports and Leisure and the French Federation of Tobogganing, Ski/Mountain Bike Joëring and Canicross, which depend on the Ministry of Sports, ed.). Dog sport connects us. »

Let’s hope that on December 4th it won’t be weather not to take a dog outside.

(1) Six races: CaniVTT (7.2 km), Long Canicross (7.2 km), Short Canicross (3.3 km). Three races for children (youngest 3.3 km; youngest 2.4 km; chicks accompanied by an adult 1.2 km). Registration on the website. Prices: from 5 to 12 euros depending on the category. Information: 06 63 05 30 19. Dogs must have up-to-date vaccinations, especially against rabies and kennel cough.

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