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Caudry: To be able to ship about fifty college students to Andalusia, Jacquard Excessive College wants you

The Jacquard High School, which will open a European Spanish – History and Geography department in September 2023, is organizing a stay in Andalusia for 49 of its students in January. A kitty has been put online for you to contribute.

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The initiative has already proved its worth
: It was founded in 2019 to help finance the stay of 60 young people in Greece. This time the kitten launched on the website of La Trousse à projets, a crowdfunding platform managed by the National Education, has to support the trip to Andalusia from January 23rd to 26th forty-nine freshman and senior year students. ” Especially seniors: With the Covid they had no trip in their entire school days », would like to highlight Angélina Dupont, Spanish teacher at the Jacquard multipurpose school, mobilized along with other colleagues in this project that combines Spanish and history-geography.

An interdisciplinarity that heralds another: With the start of the school year in September 2023, the institution will open a European Spanish / History and Geography department. The second students will follow first” two additional language lessons per week and one history-geography lesson in Spanish ‘ says Angelina Dupont. In 2019, a European section was opened in the profession.

Goal: 1,000 euros

In the near future, she and her colleagues therefore wish to reduce family involvement for this school trip, i.e. 590 €, so that as many students as possible can leave. Self-financing actions (raffle, sale of grids, chocolates) have already been carried out. and until December 8thSo it is possible to participate in the pot online. €570 was raised on Monday 21st November430 failed to reach the €1,000 threshold for recovering the cat. Otherwise, the money will be returned to the donors. This amount would reduce the contribution requested for each student by around €20, increasing a rebate to €30 if the jackpot reaches €1,500. A welcome boost given the economic context.

A dozen people had already contributed to the kitty on Monday. A letter has been sent to the companies of the territory to solicit their support. Angélina Dupont recalls that every donation is tax-deductible, whether it comes from a company or a private individual. And donations are possible from 5 €.

Information: [email protected]

Online kitty:

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