Cégep Beauce-Appalaches Basis: $6,500 grants

Around twenty students from the Saint-Georges, Sainte-Marie and Lac-Mégantic campuses were awarded this Wednesday by the Cégep Beauce-Appalaches Foundation in the form of fall scholarships worth US$6,500.

Three categories of scholarships were awarded: thrustfromWarm welcome and from Endurance by Caisse Desjardins.

That perseverance scholarship the Caisse Desjardins of the health network worth $500 sponsors 3rd session students in a health related program who have distinguished themselves in their education based on academic results, community involvement and level of investment in these related activities. The four recipients of this grant are presented below.

Gabrielle Anctil, student in animal health techniques at the Sainte-Marie campus, stood out for her excellent academic results and her concern for a job well done. His initiative to meet the workplace of his dreams in the summer, namely UQROP, a clinic that treats birds of prey in Saint-Hyacinthe, did not go unnoticed.

Louis-Étienne Fillion, student of pre-hospital emergency care at the Lac-Mégantic campus, was 110% involved from the beginning of his training, helping his teachers to prepare lessons or laboratories. Highly dedicated and always available to his classmates, giving time to help them, he positions himself as the positive leader of his cohort.

Johanny Renaud-Smith, a nursing student at the Saint-Georges campus, was notable for her commitment, rigor and interest in her academic career. As a model student, she showed an exceptional will to learn and achieved excellent academic results. Their delicacy and investment are qualities that set them apart.

Sarah-Gabrielle Thibault, special education student at the Sainte-Marie campus, is taking part in the study project in Morocco to perfect her knowledge with an immersive internship in a completely different environment and she is fully involved in the funding activities. She wants to improve her skills and shows commitment to her studies.

Host Grants
The $500 Welcome Scholarship encourages out-of-region or international students to continue their studies with Cégep Beauce-Appalaches.

Two scholarships were awarded respectively to Laurine Hoareau, nursing student and Reunion Island newcomer, and to one of the players of the Condors football team, Ryan Martin (#99), originally from Saint-Henri-de-Lévis and enrolled in Civil Engineering DEC-BAC.

promote scholarships
The stock exchange thrust of US$250 encourages a newly admitted college student to continue his studies at Cégep. Here is the list of the 14 recipients:

– Océane Apprioual (Human Sciences Profile Global Problems and Challenges)
– Emy-Rose Breton (Natural Sciences)
– Océanne Fortin (art, literature and communication profile languages)
– Shana Fournier (Human Science Profile Psychosocial Perspective)
– Alexandre Giguère (Natural Sciences)
– Sarah-Maude Lamontagne (Human Science Profile Psychosocial Perspective)
– Marie-Ève ​​​​​​Lantagne (Human Sciences Profile Psychosocial Perspective)
– Sara-Ann Lessard (Human Sciences Profile Psychosocial Perspective)
– Shayne Lessard (Civil Engineering)
– Léa Pomerleau (Special Education Techniques)
– Coralie Poulin (Nursing)
– Louis-Philippe Poulin (Natural Sciences)
– Lorie Tanguay (science)
– Amanda Veilleux (Natural Sciences)

The Foundation is pleased to award scholarships that give new students a good start in their studies and help them cover the costs of starting their studies. This ceremony was also an opportunity to reward mid-term students enrolled in a health-related program. Thanks to the generous contributions of its donors, the Foundation has been working to develop higher education in the Beauce and Granite area for more than 25 years. said René Allen, President of the Cégep Beauce-Appalaches Foundation.

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