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Cégep Marie-Victorin – The Cégep unveils these new services within the coaching premises

On Wednesday November 23rd, Cégep Marie-Victorin proudly unveiled its new facilities in the premises of the Continuing Education Department in the presence of Ms. France Côté, Director of Cégep Studies, Jean-François Bellemare, Director of Continuing Education, Business Services and International Development of Cégep and in the presence of several partners and employees of Cégep. These developments are part of the innovative approach to revitalizing the living environment that management began in 2009 in several rooms of the Cégep to provide a stimulating study and work environment for students and staff.

Patrice Champigny, Champigny2 collaborator, France Côté, director of studies, Yvon Crevier, director of material resources, Julie Martin, coordinator of communication and promotion of training, Ahmed Ouakil, general manager of material resources, Louise Gélinas, designer d’intérieur , and Jean-François Bellemare, Director of Training, Business Services and International Development at Cégep Marie-Victorin.

“The facility was designed to divide up the space. As soon as you enter the pavilion you feel the openness and the warm welcome through the glass walls on both sides of the stairs! And what about the pictures of our students and candidates that adorn the walls and help bring out our human side! This new environment will help promote the educational participation of the staff as well as the student community and the candidates who visit and will visit this pavilion,” said France Côté.

“All departments, committees and partners involved contributed their expertise and knowledge to this project to create a dynamic and functional environment. This redesigned space, whose visual identity harmonises perfectly with those of the other two external training pavilions, will certainly help to optimize customer service and maintain a diversified program offer for our sector,” said Jean-Francois Bellemare.

Accordingly, these are the staff of Continuing Education as well as the students of the AEC in Childhood Education, the staff of the Office for the Recognition of Acquired Skills and Competencies, the CERAC, the Grand Nord Team and the staff of the UNESCO Chair who benefit from these new facilities becomes.

Putting art and design at the service of education

Design and art play a major role at Cégep Marie-Victorin, since almost 15 years ago the establishment was able to integrate an innovative approach that transformed its living environment for the benefit of its community. The vision and leadership of Mr. Sylvain Mandeville have made it possible to create an institutional project that encourages the involvement and commitment of collaborators from the Interior Design, Graphic Design and Fine Arts departments in the realization of these projects, under the direction of Louise Gélinas, an experienced designer, and the material resources department to create the modern, unique, human and warm environment that we know today.

About the Department of Education, Business Services and International Development

Cégep Marie-Victorin’s Department of Continuing Education, Business Services and International Development offers the widest variety of adult education programs in Quebec’s college network through its five main areas of activity: Continuing Education, the Office for the Recognition of Acquired Skills and Competences, the Center for Intercultural and International Education and the International Development Office, the Competence Center for the Recognition of Acquired Skills and Competences and the Center for Business Services.

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