Centre-Bretagne Hospital Group: follow-up, coaching and research grants to draw younger folks

The Center Bretagne hospital in Noyal-Pontivy (Morbihan) wants to attract and keep young people. © Archives of the Pontivy Journal

The employment situation is tense Central Brittany Hospital Groupwhose headquarters are in hospital center at Noyal-Pontivy (Morbihan): a vocation crisis among young people, among nursing staff.

Amid a national appeals crisis…

A vocation crisis that does not only affect the Center-Breton group, “it is the entire hospital environment in France that is facing it”, recalls Carole Brision, director of the Center-Bretagne Hospital Group (GHCB). With Covid-19 things got worse. Coping with this health crisis has mobilized all caregivers in a remarkable but arduous way. »

Without expecting a reconsideration of his professional life, “not to do another single job during his career. »

All professions, including those outside the hospital, are affected by this need for a balance between private and professional life. The main difficulty for healthcare professionals in this context is responding to a public service order 24 hours a day.

Carole Brision, director of the Centre-Bretagne hospital group

The other non-health-related jobs in the hospital (kitchen, laundry, administration, supervision, etc.) are also affected.

Wear “General Mobilization”.

job dating, trade forums : The GHCB sets up its stand every time or also offers it in the video. And heralds “the general mobilization for recruitment and retention”, addressing all students in France, and not just those of Ifsi (nurse) and Ifas (supervisor) of Pontivy, to make themselves known: “It is paying off in the medium term, young people leave the area for their studies but then return to central Brittany,” says Nursing Director Yann Robic.

In numbers

2,388 people work at the Centre-Bretagne hospital group’s sites between Morbihan and Côtes-d’Armor. Either at the hospital center in Noyal-Pontivy, 1,776 employees; in Guémené, 214 in the hospital and 43 in the specialized reception center; at the Plémet Rehabilitation Center, 85; at the Loudéac 200 sites; on the Logipol, 70.

The GHCB really uses all prejudices to attract: “We will organize one after work, is planned. It is a more relaxed and less formatted format to answer future professionals’ questions. “There’s also open houses, the CHCB’s 10th anniversary last June, public health villages…

Apprenticeship, internship, scholarship…

Another lever for attracting young people: training.

Videos: currently on Actu

We were pioneers in learning among nurses. For three years we have been gaining momentum, we will continue learning to keep the nurses (14 at the Kerio site in Noyal and 2 in Guémené). We are also thinking about expanding to nursing students. Non-health professions such as communication, IT security, human resources, etc. also benefit from this. Our regional hospital network is manageable, it enables integration from A to Z, into the process, into existence accompanied by our professionals. These young learners want to stay with us.

Jean-Philippe Drillat, Head of Human Resources at GHCB

By the end of 2022, the Internship Health and non-health occupations will also be established. All of this in an ambitious human resources plan, which will be fleshed out with the creation of jobs, the improvement of replacement conditions “with overtime pay”.

Another avenue to explore is “setting up a study grant in return for a commitment to stay in the hospital group or to finance the final year of study, consideration is being given to it,” says Jean-Philippe Drillat.

Yann, Robic, Director of Nursing; Carole Brision, director of the Centre-Bretagne hospital group; Jean-Philippe Drillat, Head of Human Resources. ©Pontivy Journal

Well-being, coaching, psychological listening…

After attracting young people, how do you keep them in the short, medium and long term? A consideration is underway that will benefit not only the newcomers but also the existing employees…

We will design a new medical project whose main axis is quality of life at work. This will make the difference between the professions in the future. We will do this with the unions and the professionals to bring out ideas that suit the staff.

Yann Robic, Director of Nursing at GHCB

Concrete examples: The psychological listening platform (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) has existed for 7 years, from Individual or team coachingof Feel-good actions in the workplace (Massage and light therapy sessions were introduced in all locations on October 19, 2022), a social worker service is being investigated, the equality plan… “We have implemented measures to prevent sexual harassment and sexist acts, with a theater group. We have harassment officers in all areas, they are resources in that area. »

The management of the GHCB also wants that cultivate a sense of belonging staff and also patients” where it is good to work and to be treated (Canadian concept of the magnet hospital).

Career Development Consultant

And in the long term, the GHCB is committed to keeping jobs in the public hospital… “As part of keeping jobs, we offer part-time therapy, other positions or retraining in the area of ​​the state hospital group. Above all, we support them when they change jobs or retrain,” says Jean-Philippe Drillat.

Hence the creation of the post of Career Development Advisorwhich was announced in spring 2021 after a year of pandemic management.

And that position is changing: “There are now four agents within the new training mobility unit, they work at the different locations of the GHCB, with supervisors who know the agents well. It also meets the expectations of young professionals who have been doing the same job for no more than 40 years, it is in step with the times. This allows you to organize yours professional career within the facility. »

New jobs

Health and non-health professions are already represented in the central Breton hospital group.

There are also new professions such as B. the creation of a Energy and eco-conversion consultant (the hospital has had a wood boiler since 2012, 2,500 photovoltaic shade houses since March 2022), in the Internet securityI’ecology in care… “New professions to multiply visions of the same establishment, to improve situations”, concludes Carole Brision, the director.

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