Circulations, Imaginations, Glances (and Fantasies) (Cergy)

What Latin America says to Europe: editions, imaginations, looks (and fantasies)

International Conference – December 8th and 9th, 2022 at the University CY Cergy Paris

Scientific director: David Copello (AGORA, University CY Cergy Paris), [email protected]

We often tend to see Latin America as a periphery of the global space. Globalization is therefore usually only understood as the circulation of ideas, models, knowledge, technologies or cultural assets from the north or west to the south. However, engagement with Latin America often leads to encountering its traces or identifying its influence in Europe. Politics, culture or knowledge: the aim of this symposium is to examine some of these different forms of Latin American presence in Europe and/or in the European perspective.

FREE ADMISSION – Registration recommended at [email protected]

location : CY Cergy University of Paris, International Research House, 1 rue Descartes, 95000 Neuville-sur-Oise. Access by RER A and Transilien L (Neuville-Université stop).

Complete program

Thursday December 8th

09:30 – Welcoming the participants and introduction

10:00 a.m. – Session 1: Cultural cycles: The formation of European perspectives

Moderator: David Copello (CY Cergy Paris University – AGORA)

– Céline Desramé (EHESS – CRH), How is an American space taking shape from a European perspective? On the Representations of the Far North of Chile in Some Cultural Objects (19th-20th Century)

– Sarah Velázquez Orcel (Univ. Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne – HICSA), Mexican Art in the 19th Century: Slavic Copy or Subversion of the European Hegemonic Model?

– Quentin Villa (Univ. Rennes 2 – Tempora), Latin American Imaginations and the European Circus (19th-21st Century)

11:45 am – Session 2: Creation and dissemination of knowledge from/about Latin America

Moderation: Victoria Gallion-Licata (CY Cergy Paris University – AGORA)

– Laurent Afresne (Univ. Paris Nanterre – Sophiapol), When neoliberal educational policies open the space for a critique of neoliberalism: the case of Latin American decolonialism in France and the Europhilosophy Masters in Toulouse

– Alejandro Fielbaum (Univ. Paris 8 – LER), Narrative of Latin American Literature from Europe: Jean Franco and Juan Carlos Rodríguez

– Elodie Vaudry (German Center for Art History – DFK Paris), When Americanism Emancipates from Orientalism: Oriental and American Review (1858-1895)

13:15 – Break – Lunch (Open Buffet)

2:45 pm – Session 3: Latin American Appropriations in European Politics

Moderator: Hélène Combes (CNRS/Sciences Po Paris – CERI)

– Elena Apostoli Cappello (Sapienza Università di Roma), Utopias from elsewhere

– Bastien Hégron (Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla), Cardenist Mexico in French political debates (1934-1939): instrumentalizations, avant-garde and scarecrow

– Elisa Santalena (Univ. Grenoble Alpes – LUHCIE), Salvador Allende’s Chile, a source of inspiration for Italian Christian Democracy? A reading against the grain of the “historical compromise” in Italy in the 1970s

4:30 pm – Session 4: North-South Solidarities: Forms, Functions and Critiques

Moderator: Pablo Barnier-Khawam (Sciences Po Paris – CERI)

– Fabrice Andréani (Univ. Lyon 2 – Triangle) and Sunniva Labarthe (EHESS – CESPRA), A provincial “anti-imperialism”. Tropes, pretenses and blind spots of Latin American-phile common sense in the ordinary worlds of the left, from one (my) adventure to another – from Paris to Montreuil via San Cristóbal, Caracas and Quito.

– Pedro Marchant (Univ. de Barcelona/ANID-Chile), La Nueva Canción Chilena en España: solidaridad y luchas democráticas compartidas (1973-1982)

– Clara Ruvituso (Ibero-American Institute Berlin – Mecila), De ladependencia al decolonialismo: una reflection on sober agendas de solidaridad europeas

Friday December 9th

09:30 – Session 5: Football, Dance and Party: Environments and Spaces of Cultural Circulation

Moderator: María Elvira Álvarez Giménez (CY Cergy Paris University – AGORA)

– Diego Alonso-Arévalo (Univ. Côte d’Azur -LIRCES), Pistas de baile del futuro, pistas de baile mestizas: Identidades y Circulations transnacionales en la nueva escena tropical madrileña

– Clément Astruc (Univ. Paris 3/IHEAL – CREDA), “A football in itself”: sport and construction of an imaginary Brazil in Europe (1950-1970)

– Ruxandra Ana (Adam Mickiewicz University), Imagining Cuba: artist mobilities between dance-as-work and dance-as-culture

11:15 am – Session 6: The Political Action of Latin American Diasporas

Moderation: Giulia Calderoni (Univ. Paris 3/IHEAL – CREDA)

– Maira Abreu (GTM – CRESPPA), What Latin American feminism says about the “second wave” of feminism in Europe

– Yoletty Bracho (Univ. Lyon 2 – Triangle), Becoming a Venezuelan Diaspora in France: first thoughts on the creation of the Federation of Associations of the Venezuelan Community in France (FédéAssoVen)

– Thomas Posado (IC Migrations – MIAS – CRESPPA-CSU), Venezuelan migrations in Madrid: human and political circulation

12:45pm – Break – Lunch (Open Buffet)

2:15 p.m. – Session 7: Cultural cycles – moments of crystallization

Moderator: Julie Amiot (CY Cergy Paris University – Heritage)

– Lena Bader (German Center for Art History – DFK Paris), “One day a wild leader came to Paris” (Vicente do Rego Monteiro): Parisian appropriations and imaginations from Brazil

– Marcy Campos (Univ. Paris 8 – IHTP), Entre la cercanía y el desencuentro: the filmación de Estado de sitio en el Chile de la Unidad Popular (1972)

– Simon Fagour (Univ. Paris 3/IHEAL – CREDA), The Salon of May ’67, from Paris to Havana: European Artists and the Last Flames of Revolutionary Enthusiasm

3:45 pm – Closing of the conference

organization : David Copello (AGORA, University CY Cergy Paris), [email protected]

Scientific Committee:

– Julie Amiot, University CY Cergy Paris – Heritage: culture/s, heritage/s, creation/s

– Maya Colombon, CEMCA/ Sciences Po Lyon – Triangle

– Hélène Combes, CNRS/Sciences Po Paris – CERI

– Humberto Cucchetti, National University of San Martin – CEDIPE

– Jules Falquet, University of Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis – LLCP

– Anaïs Fléchet, University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines – CHCSC

– Franck Gaudichaud, University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès – FRAMESPA

– Camille Goirand, Institute of Advanced Studies of Latin America – CREDA

– Carlos Miguel Herrera, University CY Cergy Paris – CPJP

– Alfredo Joignant, Diego Portales University – COES

– Frédéric Louault, Free University of Brussels – CEVIPOL

– Eugénia Palieraki, University CY Cergy Paris – CPJP

– Kevin Parthenay, University of Tours – IRJI François Rabelais

– Lissell Quiroz, University CY Cergy Paris – AGORA

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