College cracks down on Tolbiac clean-up strikers

This Monday, November 14, Tolbiac cleaners began their second week of strikes, specifically for the reinstatement of their sacked colleague, improving working conditions, raising wages and hiring new workers to reduce their workload. Faced with the mobilization of workers on the site, the combined repressive reactions of the Arc en Ciel company and the management of the Tolbiac Center multiply.

After trying to intimidate the strikers and asking (probably) non-contractual workers to do the cleaning work in their place, the management of the Tolbiac Center at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne has reached a new level of suppression of mobilization. For example, at 8 am on Monday, the strikers were told that the security officials were barring them from entering the university where they work and that it was impossible to hold a vigil there. According to several internal sources, the starting point for this rejection was an e-mail from the management of the Tolbiac Center.

This ban is a clear attack (yet another) on the Arc-en-ciel workers’ right to strike and a clear attempt to cut off the strikers from their support. With good reason, since the beginning of the mobilization, many professors, but also those in charge of td, the university staff and the students have shown daily solidarity, meet the strikers at their picket lines or participate in the strike fund. .

In the afternoon, more than 200 people gathered in front of the university to show their solidarity and support for the strikers. After the speeches, the students lead the workers and supporters to the front door of the university on Rue Baudricourt. To the tones of “let them in” and “we’re here even if Paris 1 doesn’t want it,” the strikers manage to break into the establishment to hold off their pickets

Proving once again which side the Paris 1 Presidency is on: between those who work in miserable conditions and the exploiter, the university leadership has chosen to side with Rainbow. With the anti-strike offensive, Tolbiac’s cleaners need our support more than ever.

To support the strikers in their struggle, donate to the strike fund:

And sign the petition to support their demands: de-paris-1

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