College of Corsica: The Fab Lab and its know-how are exported to Egypt

Only a few days left until departureEgypt. Jordan Ancel, a 23-year-old engineer, recently graduatedPaolitech engineering school at corte, prepares to leave the mountains of central Corsica for the port of Alexandria and the wonders of Egypt. For a year or even two, his mission will be to export the knowledge of the University of Corsica’s Fab Lab and to paint the portrait of Corte as a stronghold of knowledge. “I will establish and lead a fab lab on the Alexandria University campus. The idea is to provide Egyptian engineering students with the know-how developed at Corte on the reuse of plastic‘ explains Jordan Ancel.

The project, created by the Horizons Solidarité association, is co-financed by the Corsican collectivity and the PACA region and is a partnership with the PEPITE center of the University of Corsica. It caught the attention of the French ambassador to the Mediterranean, Karim Amellal. Karim Amellal visited the island yesterday to meet the rector of Corsica Jean-Philippe Agresti and attend the opening day of the future Green Orizonte festival in Calvi, stopping in Corte to take an interest in Jordan Ancel’s project.

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My mission is to promote civil society initiatives that create links between the two shores of the Mediterranean. We all face problems that we must face together. The environmental issue and plastic pollution is a major challenge and I am delighted with this project which illustrates the spirit of partnership in the Mediterranean‘ says the ambassador.

Corte, beacon of progress in the Mediterranean

In the meeting room of the Palazzu Naziunale, under the eyes of the bust of Pasquale Paoli, Fabien Flori, project manager for international relations and professor at the University of Corsica, explains the importance of such a project: “A whole educational program is also being created with the city’s schools. The goal is to educate future generations in recycling and reusing plastic. Since there are many French schools, the task will be easier.“Especially since the experiment carried out between Corsica and Egypt could inspire further collaborations.”Alexandria will be a pilot site. Egypt was chosen because it already had an existing network of partners, which greatly facilitated the establishment of the fab lab, which will be the second in the city but the only one on a university campus.says Jordan Ancel.

Its mission will also be to strengthen communication on diseases related to plastic waste collection. In Egypt it is still partially carried out by the Scavengers, a poor community made famous by Sister Emmanuelle who collects, sorts and resells certain recyclable waste to provide them with a minimum income. A first evaluation of the operation will be carried out in a year.

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