College of Florida urges medical college students into ‘damaging’ wake-up program: report

The University of Florida College of Medicine is incorporating aspects of critical race theory into its admissions and education programs, according to a new report obtained exclusively by Fox News Digital.

The report by Do No Harm, a group of medical workers opposed to divisive racial politics in medicine, says the college is using “justice” initiatives to train a new generation of “anti-racists” in medical fields — two terms synonymous with the critical racial theories are central. These initiatives include active recruitment of “underrepresented groups”, recommended reading on diversity and equity for prospective students, and a code of ethics outlining how to combat implicit bias.

The College of Medicine “indoctrinates its medical graduates in divisive philosophies and other forms of social justice activism. Conditioning begins the moment a prospective student begins exploring UFCOM, continues through the admissions process, and continues throughout the doctoral program.

“New students encounter the doctrine of diversity, equity and inclusion early and often in the many interactions they have with the many health justice offices and diversity councils on campus,” reads the report, authored by Laura Morgan, MSN, RN . “The University of Florida invests abundant resources in these programs and employs administrators and faculty members who are paid to promote these destructive ideas.”

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A new report has revealed that the University of Florida College of Medicine has added critical race theory to its curriculum.
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The admissions office’s website shows a photo of masked students kneeling, raising their fists and holding a placard that reads “#WHITECOATSFORBLACKLIVES,” the report said.

“We strive to create a thoughtful, informed, and inclusive admissions culture dedicated to building a diverse community of future physicians committed to excellence and equity in healthcare,” reads UFCOM’s admissions page.

This Black Lives Matter statement on the website links to Resources to Fight Systemic Racism, which includes a reading titled Guidelines for a Strong White Ally.

The college’s diversity statement suggests it favors minority staff and students and says it “actively enhances the recruitment and retention of underrepresented groups in its student body, residency training programs, faculty and in its staff positions.” dr Donna M. Parker, associate dean for diversity and health equity at the college, said there is a need to help physicians overcome their prejudices against underrepresented groups.

“As physicians, we must overcome our prejudices by recognizing this,” Parker said. “We are committed to providing the best patient care. This should apply to all patients.

The college dean’s office did not respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

The report on the University of Florida College of Medicine was released days after a federal court overturned a Florida law designed to prohibit public universities from imposing “conditions of employment, membership, certification, license, accreditation, or passing an exam.” a specific identity as superior or inferior. The judge ruled that the law violated the rights of First Amendment professors and dubbed these professors “priests of democracy.”

According to the report, the University of Florida spent a total of $2.1 million on diversity initiatives last year. Its Equity Report states that top directors are evaluated on the basis of “Diversity and Equity Achievements”.

The university’s George A. Smathers Libraries, used by medical students, has a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team. One of the libraries named a section after Karl Marx, but dropped the name after facing public backlash.

The school holds an Inclusive General Hiring Badge credential, earned through the completion of 14 diversity courses, and aims to “improve the integrity and efficiency of the search and selection process.”

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