College of Montreal: coaching of scholars with the Orchester Métropolitain

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Master classes, guest artists, free concert tickets… these are some of the activities planned in the brand new partnership between the Orchester Métropolitain (OM) and the Music Faculty of the Université de Montréal (UdeM). This collaboration will make it possible to train students for professional experiences.

The mission of this initiative is mainly to set up projects to support musical influence, summarizes Jean-François Rivest, full professor at the Music Faculty of the Université de Montréal. “It’s about creating collaborations, giving students opportunities to learn about works, conductors and musicians,” adds the man who is a conductor and founder of the Orchester de l’Université de Montréal.

He believes this new relationship between the two organizations will also bring visibility to both OM and the music faculty. He hopes that this collaboration “can serve as a model of partnership between a music education institution and a key player in practice” by setting up various projects.

A first activity took place on October 13 as part of the initiative. The conductor of OM, Yannick Nézet-Séguin, came to lead the university orchestra with the 1stah movement of Symphony No. 8 by Gustav Mahler. The education consists of young adults enrolled in programs ranging from high school to doctorate. ” [Yannick Nézet-Séguin] was very happy. He even spoke about it at the Orchester Métropolitain rehearsal the next day,” says Mr Rivest.

And for students, it’s a way to find some satisfaction. “They were very excited. And how [Yannick Nézet-Séguin] is very famous, it was impressive for young musicians, says the professor. They were very proud of themselves because they were well prepared. »

And that pride fuels their motivation and strengthens their long-term commitment, adds Nathalie Fernando, dean of the University of Montreal’s music department. According to the one who is also a full professor of ethnomusicology, this type of partnership allows for the development of human relationships that have a real impact on their lives.

Open to all faculties Fernando.

While the rehearsal given by Maestro Nézet-Séguin was primarily aimed at involving students in performance with an orchestral instrument, other activities are aimed at students from other programs at the institution.

Interpretation students could also attend a concert with OM or participate in another professional immersion project. For their part, those enrolled in composition could have their works read as part of a working session of OM. “Young doctoral students in orchestral conducting have the opportunity to conduct composer readings with the OM,” adds Mr. Rivest.

The professor believes that future master classes with guest artists such as singers or pianists would also reach more students. All students of the music faculty can also benefit from this partnership by donating concert tickets. “A student of electroacoustics or a student of musicology can very well listen to a symphony concert because it is good for their culture anyway! illustrates the conductor laughing.

Then, music outreach projects would be offered for musicology students, but also serve to reach wider audiences outside of the faculty, adds Mr. Rivest. “If you look at all the activities on offer, there’s something for everyone,” he says.

A partnership of three years… or more

The agreement, which began this year, has a term of three years. “It’s three years on paper, but we’re open to a longer term,” says Mr. Rivest. There are no restrictions; on the contrary, we are open to development. »

This cooperation is also part of the music faculty’s mission to place young people at the center of a professional context, even without a degree, continues Fernando. “Every year we will work out the details of the planned activities,” she says. She points out that Yannick Nézet-Séguin has expressed his desire to return to conduct a rehearsal of the university orchestra.

Further talks will take place after Christmas to organize further projects under the partnership, adds Mr Rivest. “It gets better and better in the second and third year,” he believes.

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