College students are annoyed that they must take their courses in a movie show

The Sydney Cineplex is approximately 9 kilometers from the university.

It could take Cape Breton University up to three years to build the necessary infrastructure to accommodate all of its students on campus.

Classes for graduate and graduate students therefore take place in the Cineplex.

The Indian foreign student Amandip Bhooi will take three of her four courses there. She says she would have chosen to study elsewhere if she had known she would find herself in this situation.

A young Indian student looks embarrassed into the entrance of a cineplex.  Behind her are several students, a slot machine, and a popcorn canteen.

Student Amandip Bhooi at the Cineplex in Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Photo: Radio Canada

It was the photos they saw from Cape Breton University that drew him to Canada to pursue his degree.

She moved to Glace Bay because of its proximity to the university campus.

I would not have come hereshe now says, looking back and visibly annoyed, in the Cineplex in Sydney.

Many times I almost packed my bags to go back to India, believe me. »

A quote from Amandip Bhooi

According to Amandip Bhooi, the Cineplex and its cinemas are not a good learning environment.

The registration process in question

A total of 5,901 students enrolled at Cape Breton University this fall, including 3,982 international students.

Foreign student Mansi Shah believes the university allowed more foreign students to enroll than it had capacity for.

He adds that it’s frustrating having to pay campus fees where he rarely spends time.

We cannot use any of the services offered on campussays Mansi Shah.

A few of Mansi Shah’s friends were having trouble getting the bus between the Cineplex and the college campus.

Cape Breton University campus is not next door. We can’t just walkexplains Mansi Shah. [Mes amis] totally lose my mind because it becomes super difficult going back and forth between two places every day.

The same story for Amandip Bhooi. She wishes she could go to the library to study, but based on bus schedules, the journey takes about 30 minutes.

That doesn’t give her enough time to return to campus between classes.

That’s the hardest thing for me because I’m studying business administration. This course requires a lot of research. It’s really frustratingstarts Amandip Bhooi.

Several people in the entrance of a cineplex cinema.  There is a canteen and you can sense the commercial and noisy atmosphere typical of cinema entrances.

Several students are waiting for their class to begin. One said it was not a good learning environment.

Photo: Emily Latimer/CBC

Cape Breton University spokeswoman Lenore Parsley declined an interview CBC for this article, but shared a written statement.

We are committed to providing students at this location with the same exceptional experience that we provide on campus.we can read there.

Based on Emily’s report latimer, CBC

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