College students from the College of Clermont Auvergne donated blood

Students from the University of Clermont Auvergne (UCA) took part in a blood drive on the Cézeaux campus on November 17.

Hard to miss, “blood donation” signs everywhere pointed to the House of Student Life (MVE) or Polytech.

Donations have quadrupled in twelve years

“It is an important event that concerns many people,” emphasized Nathalie Cousteix, responsible for the MVE. This collection, organized since 2010, has evolved since then. “Thanks to the EFS, the Puy-de-Dôme Blood Donor Association and the students, the collection has quadrupled. This is the department’s largest blood drive in terms of young donors,” said Gilbert Esbelin, President of Aubière Donors.The students are present at every collection to donate their blood, as was the case last November 17th in the multipurpose hall of the Cézeaux campus.

Where can you donate blood in Puy-de-Dôme?

In 2015, the collection ended with 148 donations, including 58 new donors.

“There was such a bang in the room that people were there,” Nathalie recalls, so much so that another room had to be confiscated. Since 2018, the collection has therefore taken place at two locations in Cézeaux. “We’ve moved from something piloted by the UCA to something collaborative. Thanks to this hand-in-hand work, we explode in points every year,” she says happily.

This time 316 donations were counted, including 177 new donors.

“The EFS is always looking for new donors,” explains Gilbert Esbelin, President of the Aubière Donors’ Association.

These collections allow the EFS to replenish its reserves. “The current situation is not worrying, but the students are a willing audience and it is better to have a donor who gives their whole life than a donor who only makes a single donation,” says Elsa, dual communications student.

Rare blood surgery

To attract students, activities were on the agenda. Flyers, painting collective fingerprints or even a “rare blood” workshop.

“Less than four out of 1,000 people have rare blood, and that’s especially true for people of African or Caribbean descent,” explains Elsa. In order to motivate students, the campus had organized a BDE-wide challenge. “The first step can be difficult, but if we can give immediately, we will! », Starts the responsible person of the FDEA.The Campus Cézeaux hopes to increase the number of donations in the coming months.

For Axel in the nuclear technology master’s program, this is his first gift. “It’s important to do it, we’re young, we have offspring. It’s something that’s accessible to us,” he explains. Rifayi, in math-physics, wasn’t particularly motivated, but he said, “After this first donation, I will continue to donate every two months.”

The next on-campus collection will be on March 23rd, but donations can be made throughout the year at the EFS, 58, rue Montalembert, in Clermont-Ferrand. Such. :

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