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College students will spend extra time in observe and fewer time at school

On October 18 and November 17, 2022, the Vocational Education Union (CGT, FSU, SNETAA-FO, UNSA Education, SNALC, SUD Education, CNT Education) called strikes and demonstrations against the reform of high schools. And she just started a petition to ask for her removal. According to the trade unions, this reform jeopardizes the educational and professional future of young people and would lead to staff cuts.

630,000 students are trained at vocational high schools, which corresponds to a third of high school students. They are distributed in more than 2,000 establishments throughout France and supervised by 72,900 teachers. National Education offers more than 80 different vocational baccalaureate degrees.

The reform plans to increase the time in the company, why is this causing such an outcry? What is mentioned is a 50% increase in that time at the company. Today we count 22 internship weeks over the three years of high school. So that would mean another ten weeks. This, of course, means less time spent in class.

Sigrid Gérardin of SNUEP-FSU, the public vocational training union, denounces a very bad reform because she says “pro-high school students are mainly working class, they combine social and academic difficulties and they have to be precise more time in high school Doing the Abitur, being accompanied by teachers.” She believes that with longer periods of employment in schools, less specialist knowledge is acquired in the workshop and that this has impoverished the training of young people, it is already difficult to find internships, and thatthere are many “fake internships”. Ele adds that companies say they “don’t have time to accommodate students,” so extending the internship period is bound to cause problems.

Conversely, Emmanuel Macron wants students to spend more time in business, improve their Abitur, anchor themselves further in the professional world and improve integration into the profession. He wants internships to be paid. This Tips are paid by the state To motivate high school graduates to limit drop-out and encourage further study. She also wants to offer training that is as close as possible to the needs of companies, territories and current issues: ecology, digitization, age, reindustrialization.

Redesign of the training map to adapt it to current ecological, economic and industrial issues

When does the reform apply? It will be phased in gradually over the five-year term from the start of the 2023 school year, explains Minister for Vocational Education and Training, Carole Grandjean, who is leading the reform. It has launched a consultation and four working groups which will come up with conclusions in January/February and the reform will be completed by the summer.

Carole Grandjean takes care of that everything remains to be discussed: the number of extra weeks of internship, the amount of the bonus, its terms of payment and the new organization of courses at vocational high schools. The ministry says that not all students are allowed to be in the internship at the same time. This would allow for a reduced number of classes, new pedagogies and different organizations from one institution to another. The autonomy of the grammar schools remains a Red line for the teachers’ unions interested in the national framework and adherence to a common timetable to ensure the value of the diploma.

The other important point of the reform is the revision of the training map to adapt it to current challenges: ecological, digital, age, reindustrialization. The government relies on a business-friendly convergence of universities at regional level. The unions want nothing to do with that. Closing and opening of courses in facilities would be decided solely considering local and short-term business needs., You say. The union refuses to take part in the working groups.

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