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Common strike on November 9: after the announcement of FGTB, KSHC joins the motion

The FGTB had already announced a few weeks ago the organization of a general interprofessional strike on the same day. However, CGSLB is not in favor of such action. KSHC clarifies that it has conducted “a broad consultation” and that it has once again confirmed the difficult financial situation of many workers, singles and parents. They “are afraid to face a cold winter. Many people can no longer keep their heads above water and are drowned by the staggering increase in bills”, denounces the union.

According to KSHC, his consultation “proves that the social situation is very worrying. It also revealed that all these elements have very negative effects on the mental health of citizens: anxiety about bills, questioning the ability to know how to pay everything, about the future, etc.”

Therefore, these reasons led the National Office of the CSC to decide to organize a day of action and a general strike on November 9, so that “every worker” could “express their anxiety and dissatisfaction”.

Specifically, various actions are foreseen: strikes, work stoppages, staff meetings, demonstrations, etc. Many people are worried about the future of their business and cannot necessarily afford to lose a day’s wages, it is pointed out.

In order to “bring back new positive prospects for workers”, the CSC demands in particular that gas and electricity prices be quickly capped and that the social energy tariff be extended to middle and low incomes and granted automatically. The Christian Union also wants better compensation for commuting and commuting.

KSHC still wants the full welfare envelope to be rolled out and an agreement reached with employers to strengthen workers’ purchasing power across sectors and companies where possible, beyond automatic wage indexation.

The union’s demands also relate to an indexation of tax scales and progress on tax reform “so that workers’ pocket wages increase, the burden is transferred to wider shoulders and the just transition is financed”.

For its part, FGTB had already announced a few weeks ago the organization of a general strike on November 9. What the socialist union repeated in the wake of the federal budget agreement a week ago.

The CGSLB, for its part, is not calling for a general strike. The liberal union will nevertheless take part in the actions to be organized in sectors and companies that day, he said on Tuesday, saying that it attaches great importance to individual freedom. In this spirit, the CGSLB demands that the choice of workers who do not want to strike be respected and says it is against traffic jams.

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