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Crypto: Binance gives on-line programs and it is free!

Fri 18.11.2022 ▪ 2 p.m. ▪
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Who had this crazy idea to one day invent school » Cryptocurrency, blockchain, metaverse and free online web3? CZ by Binance, of course. Now, millions of people around the world can access free courses through the Binance Academy education platform.

Crypto: Binance offers online courses and it's free!

Binancers and non-Binancers are entitled to fundamentals

On Thursday, November 17, the Binance website published a general announcement regarding courses offered by the academy.

binanc friends,

Given the overwhelmingly positive response to Binance Learn & Earn, Binance Academy is pleased to announce a new educational initiative: Academy Courses, where users can gain additional knowledge about the crypto industry and blockchain by completing courses and quizzes. »

This offer consists of six modules, including courses for beginners, the “Blockchain Fundamentals”. Over time, Binance promises to add more modules for intermediate and advanced learners.

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List of 6 modules offered by Binance for free

First, you need to go to the Binance website and click on the “Courses” tab. The page dedicated to this cryptocurrency and blockchain educational content will appear later.

First, Binance decided not to require payment for access. Also, learners do not need to register on the platform unless they wish to benefit from specific support or receive NFT certificates at the end of the training. Please note that a certificate will only be issued once the six modules have been completed. It should also be noted that the NFT certificate, which is non-transferable and non-negotiable, is reserved for Binance account holders.

Regarding the languages ​​of instruction, Binance clarified that all modules currently present on the platform are in English. Other languages ​​will be added gradually.

Reached out by Finbold, Binance co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer He Yi clarified:

The blockchain industry is still in its infancy. Many new concepts such as NFT and metaverse are invented. We believe that creators and developers shape the future of our industry. Therefore, it is important to equip more creators and builders with the necessary knowledge. »

Your first steps on Binance

Recent crises in the cryptosphere have prompted many players to innovate. As a leader in this sector and well-prepared to face the bear market, Binance is shifting into high gear.

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The blockchain and crypto revolution is underway! And the day the impact is felt on the world’s most vulnerable economy, I will say against all hope that I had something to do with it

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