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Dismissal of Yaya Sow and seven different leaders: “Nobody is above the legislation” (Mamadi Doumbouya, CR CM)

The ordinary session of the Council of Ministers was held this Thursday, November 17, 2022, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., subject to the High Authority ofHis Excellency the President of CNRD, Transitional President, Head of State, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Colonel Mamadi DOUMBOUYA.

The following items were on the agenda:




The President’s message focused on four (4) important points:

  1. Moralization of public works;
  2. Guinea Mining Symposium;
  3. Visit of the delegation of Mali and Rwanda
  4. Matters related to the issuance of passports.

In the first point, the Transitional President resolutely recalled that the re-establishment of the state is mainly characterized by the moralization of public affairs, accountability or giving accounts; all, of the principles to which every public official is subject, the same applies to the fight against corruption and financial mismanagement.

The President of KNRD reminded that no one is above the law, that is why yesterday he issued a decree that ends the functions of some senior officials of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and mentions the reasons for the creation of the Court for the suppression of economic and financial criminal offenses (CRIEF).

The Head of State insisted on the fact that he will take up his responsibilities whenever necessary. Good governance is for him, the requirement that should characterize the management of all.

This requires, he says, responsibility, restraint, disinterestedness and respect for laws and procedures.

The second point of the Transitional President’s message focused on the importance of organizing the Mining-Guinea Symposium, which opened on Tuesday, November 15, 2022 under his presidency.

The Head of State found the opportunity to congratulate the Minister of Mines and Geology as well as all his collaborators for the initiative undertaken to contribute to the recognition of Guinea’s mining and bauxite potential; also for the good organization of the event.

The third point of the message focused on the organization of the large Guinean-Malian joint commission and the presence of a large Malian delegation in Conakry.

On this occasion, he invited the Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation, African Integration and Guinea Abroad and all members of the Government to take all measures to give meaning to this visit and this partnership between two fraternal and friendly countries.

In the context of strengthening the long-term relations between the two countries, the Head of State welcomed the inauguration of the bypass of the Autonomous Port of Conakry and the accommodation of Malian carriers.

It is also an opportunity to rejoice over the excellent relations between Rwanda and Guinea. These were concretized with the stay and reception in Kigali of the Guinean delegation headed by the Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and Digital Economy by President Paul Kagame as well as the visit of a strong Rwandan delegation.

The last point of the Head of State’s message consisted of a regrettable observation that the issuance of Guinean service passports is clearly subject to fraudulent maneuvers that allow foreign and unauthorized persons to obtain mission orders and travel visas.

For this, the Transitional President instructed the Ministers to the General Secretary of the Presidency, Security, Territory Administration and Foreign Affairs to present to him as soon as possible a draft decree that regulates the provision of the service.

Mr. Transitional President mentioned in passing that passports, whether ordinary, service or diplomatic, are not just simple travel documents, they also engage Guinea’s credibility at the international level.


The Prime Minister, the head of government, Dr. Bernard Goumou, articulated his message around two points:

  • The President’s directive on accountability;
  • Report of his contact tour.

On the first point regarding the instructions of the head of state on accountability, the head of government informed the council that in the framework of the management of public affairs involving accountability, he was instructed by the Transitional President to take appropriate measures to initiate the audit of contracts for the 2022 budget year, of various ministerial departments, EPAs and public companies, including the Prime Minister, through the General State Inspectorate (IGE) and the General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF).

For this, the Prime Minister sent letters to the Auditor General of Guinea and the Inspector General of Finance asking them to take the necessary steps to effectively audit the accounts of our public services.

In the same logic, the Head of Government has instructed the Minister of Information and Communication to present a program for the transfer of ministers first and then of the directors of the EPAs.

The Prime Minister said that to facilitate this program, his office has drafted a technical note accompanied by the list of Public Companies, EPAs and Financial Authorities.

The Head of Government informed the Council that this special program will begin on Monday, November 21, 2022 with the visit of two ministers per day, for 30 minutes each. He invited them to mobilize their communications teams to prepare a video capsule highlighting their achievements.

Also, the Prime Minister informed that during the visits of the leaders interested in RTG, they will be asked to explain to the general public, the use of loans granted to their departments, the level of execution and the remaining loan. such as the difficulties related to the total non-absorption of the loans in question.

Given the importance of this exercise, the Head of Government called on everyone not to spare efforts for useful and honest communication.

Regarding the second point of his message, the Prime Minister announced that on the last day of the tour of contact with the headquarters of the stakeholders in the comprehensive dialogue, the Quartet gave him a memorandum containing the preconditions for his participation in dialogue.

Also, the head of government said that he has responded to the Quartet Coordinator and sent a copy of his response to the ECOWAS mediator for Guinea.

After meeting with 35 coalitions of political parties and civil society, in the company of three facilitators, he reiterated his hand extended to all stakeholders in the dialogue process for social cohesion in the country.

Finally, the Prime Minister announced that the inaugural session of this dialogue framework will take place in the coming days in the presence of the mediator and delegates of ECOWAS, G5 members and other technical and financial partners.


The Minister of Youth and Sports made a communication regarding the state of progress of the realization of the infrastructures dedicated to the Organization of CAN.

The General Secretary of Religious Affairs made a communication regarding the difficulties associated with the pilgrimage.



Communication regarding the State of Progress of the realization of dedicated infrastructures for the AFCON Organization.

The council instructed the minister:

– To change the dimensions of the project after the withdrawal of the CAN organization;

– To renovate the September 28 stadium so that it can host international matches at home;

– To finalize with the Minister of Economy, Finance and Planning, the choice of global financing of the project to present to the Prime Minister for validation before November 30, 2022.


Communication about difficulties related to Hajj.

The Council unanimously approved the Secretary General’s recommendations. And invited him to approach:

  1. The Prime Minister who will be responsible for making the appropriate arrangements to meet the deadlines;
  2. Minister of Territory Administration and Decentralization for digitization for the dematerialization of the process.
  4. The Minister of Budget informed the Council about the beginning of the conference on the budget to enable the members of the Government to take all the necessary measures.
  5. The Minister of Culture, Tourism and Crafts informed the council about the official launch of the two artistic weeks on Tuesday, November 15, 2022.
  6. The Minister General Secretary of the Government informed the Council that in implementation of the instructions of the head of state, the General Secretariat of the Government will organize from Friday, November 18, 2022, the training seminar for General Directors, EPA Boards Directors, National Directors and Legal Advisors.
  7. The Secretary General for Religious Affairs gave a brief description of his work mission in Abu Dhabi.
  8. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation, African Integration and Guinea Abroad informed the Council on the reciprocal lifting of the visa requirement with Brazil as well as the opening of the work of the great Guineo-Malian joint commission.

He also announced the upcoming presentation of the Ahmed Sékou Touré Prize by His Excellency, the Transitional President, to his family.

He also gave the news about the tragic traffic accident on the border between Algeria and Mali, which ended with the death of twelve (12) of our compatriots.

  1. The Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation informed the Council about the start of biometrics operations of students in implementation of the instructions of the Transitional President.
  2. The Minister of Youth and Sports reported on the project to modify the statutes of the Football Federation of Guinea.
  3. The Minister for the Advancement of Women, Children and Persons in Need informed the Council about the imminent arrival of sheep carcasses from Islamic holy places.
  4. The Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and Digital Economy informed the Board about the plan for organizing the recruitment of civil servants in synergy with the Ministry of Civil Service and the General Secretariat of the Government.
  5. Madam Minister of Information and Communication, in accordance with the instructions of His Excellency, the Transitional President, the Head of State, announced the production program of the broadcast-report of the various Ministers of the Transitional Government that will be broadcast on RTG from November 21 from 19:00 to 20:00.
  6. The Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development gave a brief description of her mission to Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt within the framework of COP27.
  7. The Minister of Labor and Public Service reported for his part about his mission in Abidjan.
  8. The Minister of Trade, Industry and SMEs informed the Board about the upcoming opening of the Industry Fair.

Conakry, November 17, 2022

Council of ministers.

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