Do civil service alongside your research

In order to promote the civic commitment of students, the Citizen Service has proposed various solutions to make this possible Combine studies and community service.

The various facilities for civil service alongside your studies

Treat yourself to a gap year

The gap period allows students to interrupt their studies for a certain period of time. During this time, they can engage in community service while retaining their student status. By staying in touch with their institution, students are guaranteed to return to class.

Modulate the weekly schedule of community service

Students benefit from a organization of their weekly working time in community service. This allows them to manage their timetable and adapt their work to their course or vacation times. Note that the minimum working time is 24 hours per week. In order for these measures to be taken into account, you must contact your institution.

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Compatibility of internship and community service

Please note that an internship cannot replace community service. They do not have the same purpose and pursue significantly different goals. In some cases, however a civil service assignment can be evaluated in the study, especially in the form ofan exemption from internship or apprenticeship.
Good to know: The application for exemption from the internship can only be submitted to the institution after you have completed your civilian service. There is no guarantee that you will receive this exemption, it is at the discretion of the institution. The internship exemption can be partial or complete. It will only be withheld if it is determined that the student has acquired the skills and knowledge equivalent to what he could have acquired during an internship in a company.

Can we still get the scholarship based on social criteria?

Yes, all community service volunteers will continue to receive their scholarship. If you are at levels 5, 6 and 7 of the scholarship based on social criteria, you will be paid 600.94 euros net per month (489.59 euros in compensation paid directly by the state and 111.35 euros in subsistence benefits paid by the host institution). to which an increase of 111.45 euros (paid by the State) is added.
To benefit from this increase, community service volunteers must submit a copy of their study grant notice for the current academic year.
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