DuoDay on the College of Bordeaux Montaigne on November 17, 2022

DuoDay at the University of Bordeaux Montaigne on November 17th

DuoDay is: a person with disabilities in a duo with a volunteer worker. On the program: professional exploration, active participation, immersion in our university. This day is an opportunity to meet to change our perspective and together overcome our prejudices. Duoday was born in Ireland eleven years ago. This is a European event expected by all employers (companies, administrations, communities and associations) and all people with disabilities.

DuoDay at the university Thursday, November 17, 2022

The DuoDay is part of the European Disability Employment Week, which takes place from 14th to 20th November 2022.

How it works ?
The candidates apply directly to offers that interest them on a connection platform (you can submit up to 5 applications).
University staff must contact the correct contacts and find all information online on the staff ENT page.

cross interview

Violaine Lafourcade, Head of the Disability Center

It’s the 3rde University participation in this national holiday, what do you expect from it?

V. Lafourdace: For the University, The DuoDay allows to discover the virtues and professional qualities of workers with disabilities in a warm and benevolent moment.

It is an opportunity to open up to diversity and disability in particular, to convey our social values, to reaffirm our commitment to the benefit of people with disabilities in an exemplary manner.
Our university participates in two ways: as an employer offering job discoveries and as a support structure for candidates, as we actively support students with disabilities enrolled in our programs to match duos within or outside the university depending on their job search form.

for people with disabilities, The DuoDay offers the opportunity to discover a working environment, professions that are often unknown to people outside of the university, but also to clarify a professional project. For the young people and students, who will take part in large numbers on the day, this enables them to start their careers and convince an employer of their integration, performance and self-determination opportunities. It is a real opportunity to release fears and merge the lines.

Any accompanying reference structure (Pôle emploi, Cap emploi, medical-social structure, etc.) can create new synergies with this day.

Nathalie Pinède, Deputy Vice President, Disability and Inclusion

What are the university’s ambitions in terms of disability and inclusion?

N. Pine wood: For about twenty years, the action of the Pôle Handicap has made it possible to develop a policy in favor of disability, which is firmly anchored in our university. As Vice President in charge of Disability and Inclusion, my aim is to reinforce this policy in a global and cross-sectoral perspective, aiming to act on different levers (digital, buildings, careers, professional integration, training, life, social, sport and cultural, etc.). .). Thinking of disability policy from the perspective of inclusion means making sure that the university environment is as barrier-free as possible for everyone in the broadest sense. Among the priorities, I would particularly like to mention the digital accessibility project, which concerns websites, business applications, and training and educational documents. Another priority concerns awareness-raising activities, particularly in relation to invisible disabilities.

In our institution, as in all universities, the number of students with disabilities is constantly growing, so we must welcome them in the best conditions and give them all the opportunities. The presence of employees with disabilities is increasing, which is a significant step forward, but we must continue to encourage their recruitment and inclusion and support them in their career development. The DuoDay device fully participates in this dynamic.

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Contact for the university : Violaine.Lafourcade @

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A look back at the second edition of the DuoDay at the University of Bordeaux Montaigne

From November 29, 2021 to December 31, 2021

The University of Bordeaux Montaigne took part in the European DuoDay operation on November 18, 2021. The aim is to welcome people with disabilities to discover a profession. Some of the 17 formed duos bear witness to their time.

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