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Émilie Frèche focused by anti-Semitic insults, the left is strengthening


Poster for the film Les Engagés, released November 16th.

POLITICS – Pure and simple hate. On the evening of Friday November 18th to Saturday November 19th, novelist Émilie Frèche (in a relationship with Socialist MP Jérôme Guedj) took to her Twitter account to relay the anti-Semitic slurs she hurled after the publication of her movie” The Committed », which deals with the reception of migrants in France.

The fachosphere is unleashed, frightened that the humanism represented in my film instills. You don’t scare me. I pull away like we cut the audio to stop hearing her ‘ the director tweeted, accompanying her post with footage of tweets targeting her. ” It’s always the same community (whose name you can’t pronounce) that breaks the c****** “, we can read in particular about ” the Jewess Emilie Frèche “.

This Saturday, several left-wing personalities appeared in defense of the person concerned. ” Support against insults and threats. They will never silence the humanism this film emphasizes.”Has tweeted the rebellious MP Manuel Bompard. ” You are outraged by brotherhood, you have made a film out of it that is as beautiful as it is moving “, Has elevated his colleague from NUPES, Benjamin Lucas.

Former education minister under François Hollande, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, also flew to the author’s aid, urging her supporters to show their support. The Honorary President of the International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism, Alain Jakubowicz, also made an appearance. ” Nothing new, just confirmation. The ideas and words of these poets span the centuries… “, he has complains.

The film has actually been in the sights of a large section of the extreme right for a few days. For example, several leaders of Reconquête!, Éric Zemmour’s movement, have publicly denounced the film, some not hesitating to link it to the Lola affair (as we can see or here).

The flagship of the internet extreme right, identity site Fdesouche, has dedicated several publications to the film, such as this tweet, which refers to the ” wealthy heiress Emilie Frèche “.


Recording of a tweet about the film “Les Engagés” published by the Fdesouche website.

Released in theaters on Wednesday, November 16, and while the reception of Ocean Viking passengers divides the political class, ” The Committed » is inspired by the case of the “Seven of Briançon”, those activists accused of facilitating the entry of illegal immigrants into the territory (before their release). Benjamin Lavernhe and Julia Piaton play the leading roles.

On the road to Briançon, David’s car collides with a young exile who is being pursued by the police. Following his instinct, David hides it in his suitcase and takes it back to his companion Gabrielle, who lives with their two children. Shocked by this teenager’s fate, David pledges to help him at any cost contains the synopsis that accompanies the trailer.

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