Erasmus grant: how a lot is it?

Erasmus grant: how much is it?

ERASMUS SCHOLARSHIP. Erasmus+ is a student exchange program created to give young Europeans easier access to study abroad. It is based on a grant system that is awarded to candidates based on destination and length of stay.

The Erasmus+ scholarship is a grant to students who take part in the program of the same name and who, in this context, complete part of their studies at a foreign university in order to enable as many people as possible to take part in a university exchange.

How much is the Erasmus grant?

the Amount of the Erasmus grant depends on the length of stay and the cost of living in the destination country. Depending on the destination, the amount of the scholarship awarded is between 170 and 370 euros per month for studentsand in between 320 and 520 euros per month for interns. Since the sum is calculated monthly, the total sum therefore depends on the length of stay. The latter can last up to 12 months. In France, if the student receives a social criteria grant, he keeps the achievement.

Erasmus+ grant and internship, how does it work?

The Erasmus+ scholarship also benefits students doing an internship during their school days and to recent graduates. For this, the internship must take place no later than the year following the degree and the scholarship holder must be enrolled in a higher institution with an Erasmus Charter.

How do I apply for an Erasmus+ grant?

That Application for the Erasmus+ program is done by the student at the International Office of his institution. It’s with the same service as that grant application addressed. The candidate must usually present a project with a cover letter. The request must be made between 6 and 12 months before departure.

When will the Erasmus grant be paid out?

The amount of the Erasmus grant is based on the number of months the stay abroad lasts. However, the payment the allowance is not monthly. Payment is made in two installments. The first payment is often made in October and thus coincides with the start of the academic year. The remaining 20% ​​will be paid upon the student’s return to the country of origin, upon receipt of the certificate of participation and the Erasmus study report.

International mobility assistance, what is it?

Some students can also receive an international mobility grant of 400 euros per month. You must meet the following conditions:

  • Length of stay abroad between 2 and 9 consecutive months
  • Scholarship holder according to social criteria or recipient of an annual grant (special grant regulation)
  • Preparation of a national diploma, which is the responsibility of the ministry responsible for higher education
  • Preparation at a public university / which has entered into a contractual procedure with the state
  • Training or internship abroad as part of the course.

The application must also be sent to the international relations department of your institution, accompanied by a project for an international study trip or internship.

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