Euromed College of Fez (Morocco) / Convention of October 31, 2022 on OHADA


Euromed University of Fez (Morocco) / Conference on 31.10.2022 on OHADA

The Sorbonne Law School Master 1 Business Law students transferred to the Euromed University of Fez (Morocco) were interviewed during a conference on Monday 31 October 2022 in OHADA. This interview, which is part of the conference cycle planned in the program of this master’s degree, which brings together students from several African and European countries, was for some the opportunity to discover the organization for the harmonization of economic law in Africa and for others to discover it in new to rediscover clothes.

In fact, the aim of the conference is to be organized by the Secretary General of the Association for the Unification of Law in Africa (UNIDA/ together with Professor François Xavier LucasProfessor at Sorbonne Law School and Director of Delocalized Masters, should initiate assistance in knowing and understanding how OHADA works.

The story of how OHADA came into being reminded us of the crucial and determining role of the judge Keba Mbaye, at the request of the heads of state. The personal, tireless and long-term commitment of the latter has made it possible to unite the founding member states of the organization for the ambitious project of streamlining the legal environment for companies and ensuring the legal and judicial security of economic activities in them.

Then a presentation was made about the bodies around which the workings of OHADA revolve. The role and tasks of the Conference of Heads of State or Government, the Council of Ministers, the Permanent Secretariat, the CCJA and ERSUMA were discussed.

Third, a reflection was proposed on the challenges to which the organization, which will soon celebrate its 30th anniversary, must respond in order to be among the most successful experiences of legal integration of the 20th century and continue to shine in its member states and beyond. In this regard, the important role played by the UNIDA Association (now chaired by Mrs. Fatou Seck Diallo) has been remembered in promoting and popularizing OHADA and its substantive law since its establishment in 1998.

The final phase of the conference was devoted to student questions. The variety of questions asked and the richness of the lively discussions showed the interest of all participants in the topic dealt with. It should be noted that the director of the delocalized master, Professor François Xavier Lucastogether with the speaker contributed to the quality of the discussions, which were both intense and cordial.

We could also appreciate the particularly appreciated intervention of Fr. Valerie Gomez Bassacformer Member of Parliament, on the draft European Business Code currently being implemented in Europe, which is directly inspired by the success of OHADA.

As a reminder, the Master in Business Law was created by the Sorbonne Law School in collaboration with the Euromed University of Fez. It welcomes and trains students in mastering French, Moroccan and OHADA business law in order to prepare them for future development in an international professional environment.

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