Examine in Spain: Scholarships and Grants

Don’t be discouraged by the cost of studying in Spain: there is a whole universe of scholarships and financial aid available for those who want to study in Spain to complete their studies at all levels: bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate. We break down different types of scholarships, how to apply for a scholarship and how to keep it. It is possible to study for free at a Spanish university.

Study in Spain: Scholarships for Academic Excellence

Would you like to benefit from a scholarship to study in Spain? The most common form of scholarship that you will also find elsewhere is this Scholarship for Academic Excellence. These are the scholarships that are offered to the students with the best grades to reward them and give a chance to the talented people despite the difficult financial situation. This kind of help can be offered by public or private universities and even from other organizations like that Spanish Ministry of Education. Sometimes they are open to everyone, regardless of economic situation, and sometimes it is a combination of good grades and difficult financial situation that allows access to these aids. If you know your way around schoolthese scholarships are definitely worth it because they can finance up to 100% of your school fees, and even offer you a scholarship to help you make the most of student life. It is often the most prestigious institutions that award the most generous grants because they have the budget to do so. For example in Spain, ESADE University regularly awards scholarships to students who have an Abitur average of at least 8 out of 10 and are compatible with their values.

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Study in Spain: Cooperation Scholarships

The second type of scholarships that you will find in Spain is this cooperation grant. These grants are slightly more specific than those for academic excellence; They often aim to push Projects and research in a relevant sector. Grades play a role in applications, progress in the desired area as well as the will and intention to work on the projects and research in question. This type of financial help is perfect for students who are already sure of their choice of study and willing to put their hands in the dough to gain experience in this area. For example, the European University of the Atlantic offers 20 cooperation scholarships in the field of technical informatics with the aim of finding talent for specific projects that the university would like to set up.

Study in Spain: Scholarships for Specific Groups

The third type of scholarship is aimed at gcertain groups or communities. If you have Family already studying in Spainyou will find scholarships that will make it easier for you to finance your studies, such as the “ESADE Family Scholarships’, which covers 10% of your tuition fees if you have siblings who are already studying at ESADE. There are others private organizations who offer Scholarships to further what they believe in. grants”Queen Sofia” want to help Spanish immigrants living abroad. So if your parents are Spanish and you need help to study in the country of origin, this scholarship could be an option. The Spanish government also offers financial support for students with various disabilities.

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Study in Spain: Scholarship Application Process

The process of making a Applying for Scholarships in Spain can be cumbersome as these scholarships often allow for free study. There are several documents that can be requested such as B. Your certificate, your ID, your application form, your CV or your cover letter. It is very likely that you will also be asked to video conference interviews with university boards. To prepare for apply for a scholarship, so make sure you have the necessary documentation to hand. It is advisable to find out about the coveted scholarship well in order to adapt the cover letter to the requirements of the respective scholarship program. Most scholarship organizations look for students who meet their criteria rather than only selecting those with the best grades. It should also be noted that those who receive Spanish Scholarships often have good language skills, so it is important to practice the language.

You should know that grants are granted subject to special conditions. By accepting a scholarship, you also accept all of these terms and conditions. The part we can often forget is this these conditions must be respected throughout the funding and therefore often throughout the training period. If the stipulated number of teaching hours or the minimum average or the stipulated course or other condition changes during your studies, your scholarship may be withdrawn. All of these options should be explored. In a sense, receiving a scholarship is also a responsibility, especially for cooperation grants. Before accepting a scholarship, one must be willing to fill out the applications of the organization in question.

The ideal is to Apply for maximum grants who will put all odds on your side. Consult those of ESADE University, the European University of the Atlantic, the Spanish Ministry of Education, the University of Granada but also the MAEC-AECID scholarships. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all these procedures, but don’t lose sight of your goal and go for it!

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