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Special support is offered to top athletes in tennis, judo and basketball

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Combine a sports career and higher education. Aix-Marseille University (AMU) accepts the challenge and continues to support more than 300 high-level physical education students (SHN) by offering them a dedicated study plan.

Establishing my status as a top athlete has enabled me to combine study and sport with adjustments to the schedule so as not to miss training.says Anaëlle Billet, member of the French judo pole in Marseille with mathematics license. Thanks to the possibility of setting up exceptional exam sessions, I could not miss a competition and an international judo course.”

With the SHN-AMU (High-Level Athlete) system, the university course of these students is adapted to their intensive sports practice, for example with tutoring or sports bonuses when the athlete represents the Aix-Marseille University during academic competitions. “These students are role models and contribute to the impact of our college, whether through their athletic achievements or their ability to do “sport” and “education” at the same time., believes Isabelle Dimeglio, Vice-President of the AMU, responsible for sport. JI am happy to work to strengthen and improve the support system so that everyone can continue studying and training without being forced to find their way around or make choices.”

“Thanks to the university, I can continue my education”

The University of Aix-Marseille has training and sports centers for tennis, judo and basketball; 9 sports venues between Aix and Marseille. “The aim is to also work on the sporting aspect in connection with the federal sport movement, especially in the provision of sports facilities for academies” says Romain Ferrer, head of the SHN-AMU unit.

Athletes, for example, benefit daily from personalized technical and physical support in the sports facilities, on the Saint-Jérôme site and on the Aix-en-Provence campus, for example in tennis. “The establishment of the training center was very advantageous for me because it gives me infrastructure that I can rely on close to the faculty” emphasizes Clément Larriere, professional tennis player in his third year of pharmacy.

The regional tennis league also offers weekly training within its own infrastructure in Aix-en-Provence by providing a regional technical framework.

When I got into graduate school I was scared of having to cut back on my training, putting down the racquet and moving away from the courts, but thanks to AMU I can keep training.” explains Alexia Caron, tennis player since she was 4 years old, currently in license 3 of Staps management. The big plus is the training in the tennis training and sports performance center. Even if we don’t have training at our club, we have access to training with a coach, we are looked after, in very good conditions, which is really very nice.“, She thinks.

Together with the French sailing center, a training and performance center for sailing could soon see the light of day. Marseille will indeed host the sailing competitions of the Paris Olympic Games in 2024.


Students on the ministerial list, Pôle France, Pôle Espoir in judo, at least 3/6 in tennis and National 2 in basketball can apply between July and September to apply for SHN-AMU status, like all top -Level athletes of other sports, with the High Level Commission. It meets at the beginning of the academic year.
The application takes place in 4 steps:
– Create an e-candidate account on
– Fill out the receipts
List 1: Athletes enlisted on ministerial lists;
List 2: Athletes warranting a regional/national level;
– Submit your application
– Contact the SHN-AMU officer Romain Ferrer, [email protected]

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