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Fredericton permits using scab within the public sector

The Conservative Prime Minister Blaine Higgs opens the floodgates to strikebreakers in the public sector. An amendment to the Public Sector Industrial Relations Act will allow the government to hire non-union workers during a strike.

Thus, during a strike, the unions and the employer determine the number of so-called essential workers. If no agreement can be reached between the two parties, the New Brunswick Labor and Employment Board will decide. For example, if it is determined that the number of so-called essential workers is 25% and the employer determines that there are not enough workers to meet that threshold, they have the power to hire non-union members to fill all essential positions.

If the employer hires more non-union workers and reaches 35% instead of the hypothetical 25%, the union could challenge this measure by filing a complaint with the Labor and Employment Commission.

Trevor Holder between two New Brunswick flags.

Trevor Holder, Secretary of State for Post-Secondary Education, Training and Employment, unveiled changes that will tighten the exercise of the right to strike in New Brunswick.

Photo: Radio Canada

The proposed amendment to the Civil Service Industrial Relations Act will update the provisions of the Act and clarify the rules for cooperation between the employer and the negotiation agency during the negotiation process. These changes will better ensure public services for New Brunswickers continue during a lockout or strikestated the Minister for Post-secondary Education, Training and Work, Trevor Holder.

A heavily criticized measure

The ability to hire non-union workers, better known as scabs, is a major change in industrial relations in the public sector. She is heavily criticized.

Kevin Arseneau.

Kevin Arseneau, Green MP for Kent North, protests the government’s decision to allow scabs to be hired.

Photo: Radio Canada / Michel Corriveau

Instead of investing in its collapsing public services and the working class that keep it running day in and day out, this government wants to facilitate the use of scabs. This government has no respect for the working class and those who create the wealth of this province. We need a government that respects and empowers frontline workers, not a government that looks down on themargues Kevin Arseneau, Green MP for Kent North.

A tightening of the rules in connection with the outbreak of a strike

The conservative government also wants to tighten the rules for calling a strike. Thus, strike votes are only valid for one year.

A worker hands in his ballot.

A strike vote would only be valid for one year (files).

Photo: Radio Canada / Guy Leblanc

In addition, a union must give 72 hours’ notice before it can call a strike. However, the same rule does not apply to the employer. Before a lockout is triggered, the government only needs to give 24 hours notice.

The solvency of the state becomes a criterion

The Higgs government will also impose criteria on the arbitration process. When an arbitrator is appointed, he must take into account the government’s ability to pay, which is determined by the government itself.

He has to reckon with similar salaries elsewhere in the country. But it doesn’t have to take into account the actual needs of workers as well as inflation.

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