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Funding functions 2023 DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine

As part of the dematerialization of procedures and services to users, several forms for requesting assistance from the DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine are now available in dematerialized version at device catalogue available on the website of the Ministry of Education for the administrative year 2023.

A step-by-step guide to getting started with simplified procedures is also available.

What are the dematerialized tools?

1/ Artistic creation

  • Decentralized support for the performing arts (ADSV) : Link to the form
    Grants for agreements, grants for the project of choreography, musical, theater and related arts companies
    Application deadlines:
    – 04/12/22 for the music (The work of the commission and the interviews will take place on 15, 16 and 17 February 2023 at the CRR in Bordeaux).
    – 11/13/22 for the Dance (The dance platforms will take place in Poitiers on 12th and 13th January 2023).
    – 15.11.22 for project help theatre. The grant deadline for Theater 2023 agreements will be announced in January 2023.
  • Assistance in writing a musical work : Link to the form
    Application deadline: December 31, 2022
  • For all other grant applications : Project or Operating Aid – Artistic Creation (2023) link to the form
    This form covers in particular the following aids:
    – Support for the operation of contracted and labeled structures (CACIN, CCN, CDCN, CNCM, SMAC, CDN, CNAREP, PNC, FRAC, national stages, national operas and orchestras in the region, etc.);
    – Support for artist residencies;
    – Subsidy for non-certified places

2/ Cultural transmission

  • Form Project or operational aid – cultural mediation (2023) : Link to the form

    This form includes the following tools:

  • Artistic and cultural education and cultural and territorial action (only project help), ex :
    – Artistic and cultural education for children/youth;
    – media, image and information education;
    – Measures in favor of the public in specific situations: justice / health / disability
    – Actions to promote reading for all target groups;
    – Participation in cultural life (amateur practices, social cohesion, priority areas).
  • Higher education for culture and arts educationex :
    – Operating grants for universities;
  • – Support for music colleges / subject teaching.

    The French language and multilingualismex :
    – observation of practices;
    – Use / enrichment / dissemination of the French language;
    – Public awareness and development,…

Mandatory Appendix : For all grant application files related to cultural transmission, it is required to submit on the platform the analysis sheet that allows you to categorize your application (Cultural Transmission – Analysis Sheet 2023).

  • Other aids and calls for proposals not covered by this form:
    – Fund for the Promotion of Artistic and Cultural Initiatives by Amateurs (FEIACA);
    – cultural summer;
    – Plan for fanfares and harmonies;
    – Kultur pro (support system for professional integration of ESC graduates);
    – Individual help for conservatory students;
    – Call for projects “Cultural Action and French Language”;
    – Call for projects “New Aquitaine Connected Cultures” and “Program for Digitization and Enhancement of Cultural Content”.

​3/ Inheritance

This form includes the following tools:

– Support for communities that have signed the “City and Country of Art and History” agreement;
– Support for exhibition projects and other museum matters (appraisal, digitization, job placement, etc.);
– Support for documentary studies (heritage studies against a delimited perimeter of the environment, studies in areas not protected as historical monuments, studies on historical monuments and cultural heritage sites outside works);
– Processing, digitization and expansion of archives at municipal, departmental and regional level;
– Aid for measures to promote and disseminate archaeological research (colloquium, publication);
– Aid for the promotion of historical monuments and cultural heritage sites (publication, symposium, exhibition, etc.);
– Supporting the dissemination of contemporary architecture;
– Support for the architectural profession and architecture dissemination structures;
– Assistance in setting up educational measures;
– Grants for ethnological projects;

  • Dematerialized forms for heritage:

– Preparatory work and studies on historical monuments;
– Working and studying in protected areas;
– Planned archaeological operations;
Applications may be submitted according to standard procedures established by the DRAC.

How do I submit an online application?

Several months of work to dematerialize the procedures have made it possible to harmonize the application forms for grants at national level. These forms are accessible via the Equipment catalog accessible on the Ministry of Culture website. The steps listed refer to the form with which you can submit your application for funding.

It should be noted with these procedures that you must submit applications if you submit applications in different capacities Send as many files as requests with an overall budget that differentiates the different projects for which funding is requested.

The deadlines for submission are stated directly on each form.

In particular, this process of simplification and dematerialization has enabled the creation of three new application forms for project or operating aid on the Démarches Simplifiées platform. To help you a Frequently asked questions users to facilitate the handling of this new tool and the application process has been published on the Ministry’s website.

If you have any questions about this procedure, please contact your usual contacts within the DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine remains at your disposal.

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