Future 2 Game2Give Charity Occasion is gifting away unique cosmetics

Bungie is expected to soon host the fourth annual Game2Give, a Destiny 2 charity event benefiting the Bungie Foundation. This year’s event will take place from December 6th to 21st.

Attendees include some of FPS gaming’s most popular streamers and other content creators such as Knighthawk, PureChiLL, Blessious, Ascendant Nomad and JSniperton.

However, content creators of all sizes are welcome to attend, and those interested in raising funds for the event can register on the Bungie Foundation website. In addition to streamers and video content creators, other fundraisers also include Destiny-related communities such as the teams behind Destiny Item Manager, Destiny Emblem Collector, and Destiny Bulletin, popular across a variety of media platforms, social media to share game updates and information with the Destiny 2 -Community.

Fundraising participants are also encouraged to join the Light Keepers Guild, which offers various incentives to players who achieve their lifetime fundraising goals. For example, Guardians who raise over $5,000 through their communities can receive a custom Game2Give 2022 jersey and official Game2Give 2022 Hall of Fame poster. Those whose fundraising efforts exceed $10,000 between 2019 and the end of Game2Give 2022 will receive a special emblem and shader called Small Luminescence.

The Bungie Foundation supports a variety of initiatives, including disaster relief and programs that support inclusion, diversity and equity. According to the Game2Give website, $50 in donations will fund medical care for a family affected by a natural disaster, $500 will provide an iPad to a child in the hospital, and $1,000 will provide a STEAM grant for provided a low-income student.

The campaign goal is currently $2,500,000. Although this year’s Game2Give has yet to officially begin, the participants have already collectively raised over $20,000. Donor Rewards $10-$24.99 Earn the Arc Fuel Emblem, $25-$59.99 Earn the all-new Respite’s Focus Emblem, $60-$99.99 Earn the exclusive all-new Tenderhearted Shell Exotic Ghost and win $100 or more Bungie Sparrow Foundation Light Hearted player. Players can redeem N-Game incentives once the event officially begins on December 6th.

The Bungie Foundation also announced that it recently rebranded its iPad for Kids program to Little Lights, which pays homage to Wardens who draw their power from the Light of the Traveler.

When the Season of Plunder ends, be sure to check back for updates and information on upcoming content such as: B. Destiny 2 Season 19 Release Date, Destiny 2 Lightfall Release Date, and Destiny 2 Strand Guide for more subclasses. expect from Bungie in the coming months.

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