Governor Man Bandu takes motion!

A total of twenty (20) winners including 12 girls and 8 boys who succeeded in the Congo Central Development Scholarship Competition 2022-2023 Edition have just received from the hands of Governor Guy Bandu Ndungidi, its initiator . their testimonies, this current Thursday, November 10th. This is the very first promotion named “Muanda Vital”, the very first democratically elected governor.

In fact, the official award of this scholarship has been announced by the state government since August 26, 2022.

It is recalled that 332 candidates, all recent state graduates, 2022 edition, came from across the province to take part in a written exam organized by the governorate at the Higher Institute of Commerce (ISC/Matadi) on October 23. At the end of this test, the organizers had not waited to correct the copies and by the end of that first day, a list had been drawn up of 30 candidates who had to pass the oral jury that took place in the governor’s room on Monday 24 October in the afternoon official Residence.

And at the end of this last test, the names of the 20 beneficiaries of the first edition of the grant for the development of Kongo Central were known.

The aim of awarding this scholarship is to invest quantitatively and qualitatively in people for the socio-economic advancement of Congo Central by educating an elite capable of dominating developing sectors. This scholarship only concerned the most brilliant humanities finalists who achieved more than 70% success in the state examination, edition 2022.

Some thought this was just a simple political promise or a hoax, but Governor Guy Bandu Ndungidi’s political will was just proven when considering the various stages that led to the concretization of the actual granting of this scholarship to the winners who presented themselves in the conference room on the 4th floor of the state government hotel, accompanied by parents.

At this official presentation of the grant for the development of Kongo Central to the 20 selected winners, we noted the presence of several political-administrative personalities, in particular the members of the Office of the Provincial Assembly, the representative of the Provincial Minister of Education, stakeholders in education, members of the Provincial Governor’s Office and other family members of the award winners. A fitting opportunity for the Provincial/Central Congo Minister of Education Representative Governor Guy Bandu, who deserves credit for paternity of this scholarship, to express his gratitude.

For his part, the head of the provincial government said he was very impressed to stand in front of these winners and congratulated them all for being the best. “This day must definitely mark you, because in life there must be troop leaders, and therefore excellence must be a culture for every civilization, for every nation that wants to rise. Therefore, this step was taken to stand out from the lot… You shall be the best of these 332 who passed the written exam. Think of yourself as the leader of society, as a guide…” he argued shortly before the scholarship was awarded.

The laureate, Bibusi Massamba, expressed her joy on behalf of her fellow grantees by warmly thanking Governor Guy Bandu while promising to be real actors for a better future in the province. It only remains to wish the first 20 scholarship holders who will be sent to several universities in the province and in Kinshasa from the next academic year, a happy academic year to start their higher education in fields such as geology, industrial techniques , agronomy, construction and infrastructure, entrepreneurship and rural development, and gas and oil.

Charles Nguvulu

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